Wammy Note 3 Specs : Full Specification, Reviews, Features, Price

Wickedleak has announced new octa-core phone named as the Wammy Note 3. It is utilizing the Mt6592 Mediatek chipset and accompanies Aquaprotect Technology optionally. It has a 5.2 inches full HD screen and there is 2 gigs of RAM. Wammy Note 3 is evaluated at Rs. 12,990, with Aquaprotect will cost you Rs. 1,500 additional […]

Wammy Note 3 Spec

Google Nexus 6

Google Nexes 6 Specs | Specification Table, Features, Reviews, Release Date

  Google Nexus 6 launch date may be this Halloween and will be named as Nexus X. Phonearena referred to anonymous sources from Motorola asserting that the gadget will be now named as Nexus X. Motorola is accounted for to be still working at the gadget. The cell phone was named as “Shamu,” which is […]

Huawai Ascend P7 Specs Table| Full Specification | Features | Reviews

Huawei may be facing struggle in western markets, however achievement somewhere else has seen the Chinese organization ascent to be the world’s No. 3 cell phone creator. That is behind Samsung and Apple, no less. In Europe we’ve seen various shabby, low-to-mid extent cell phones from Huawei yet a really top of the line, alluring […]

huawei ascend p7

Acer Liquid Jade

Acer Liquid Jade Full Specs, Liquid Leap, Specification, Features, Reviews

  Acer has affirmed the Acer Liquid Leap and Acer Liquid Jade will go live for sale in the UK after the display at IFA event. These two items are both really imaginative for Acer. The Liquid Leap is the organization’s first wearable and the Liquid Jade is the most thin cell phone in Acer’s […]

Vivo X5 Full Specifications | China Launch | Features | Reviews | Specs

  Being one of the little organizations from China nowadays, Vivo chose to avoid all that insane show, huge affirmation gatherings and media meetings and simply report their most recent gadget on their site today. The vast majority of the gadget is upper mid-reach to top of the line relying upon what specs we’re taking […]

Vivo x5

Gionee Gpad G5 Specs

Gionee Gpad G5 Full Specification | Features| Price | Launch

Gionee has now released the successor to the Gpad G4 phablet, and it cost under Rs 15,000, this one could an amazement hit of the season. The Gionee Gpad G5 is valued at Rs. 14,999 only and will be accessible for purcahse one week from now onwards. There’s no e-tailer restrictiveness game plan. The Gionee […]

Xiaomi Mi 4 Coming To India Before The End Of This Year

A senior official person from Xiaomi has uncovered that the organization is making a plan to discharge the recently released Mi4 in India by the end of this year. Xiaomi Mi4 (read full specs of Mi4) is the lead phone of the company which was launched in China on the same day when Mi3 was […]

Xiaomi Mi 4 phone

LG Gx2 specs

Full Specifications Table : LG Gx2 Phone | Specs | Features

LG has launched the LG G Vista phone for US service Verizon couple of week before. Company has now announced  same phone as  Gx2 for Korean network service LG U+ as the successor of the Gx phone that was uncovered back in December, 2013. It has comparative specification and features as the G Vista which incorporates a 5.7″ HD display display, 1.2 Ghz […]

LG Gx2 LTE Announced with| Specifications| Features| Reviews | 4G

LG has released the LG G Vista smart phone for US operator Verizon a month before. The organization has now launched the same phone with the name of  Gx2 for Korean network operator LG U+ as the successor of the Gx that was disclosed back in December of 2013. It has comparative specs as the G Vista which includes a […]

LG Gx2 specs

samsung gear s

Samsung Gear S Announced | Brief Specifications | Reviews | Features

Samsung has released the Gear S smart watch, the organization’s most recent Gear smart watch running Tizen OS based wearable OS. The principle function is the implicit SIM card that gives you a chance to make and get calls, without interfacing with a gadget furthermore offers 3G connectivity support. You can likewise get calls which […]