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5 Best Mobile Apps That Will Make Your Online Shopping a Breeze

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Let’s face it! The smartphone market has grown to be much larger than the PC market. What’s more, today people are increasingly accessing the Internet via their handheld devices than desktops. Thus, the mobile usage has reached an all-time high. Mobile users are making use of apps for their diverse needs. One of the biggest advantage that apps provides is the ability to shop online even on-the-go.

Here in this guest post I’ve come up with a list of top 5 mobile apps that will help make you online shopping a truly worthwhile experience.


1. Best Buy

best buyAre you looking to buy a new computer system? Then, you’ll have to conduct a thorough research on the market to get hold of the best system. But, it takes a hell lot of patience to search for the right product! But you can make your shopping hassle-free.

Wondering how?

Well, if you own a smartphone you can download the best buy app. This mobile application lets you shop anywhere, and at anytime. It comes with several features like product comparison, reward redemption, customer ratings and reviews and much more. Best buy is available for both Android as well as iPhone devices.


2. AdSense


Have you been struggling to earn money online? That’s a dilemma that most of the online entrepreneurs suffer from. Especially, for people who are running an e-commerce site, focusing on earning profits may seem like a daunting prospect. But with AdSense you can definitely increase your monthly profits, by hosting adverts. When the adverts gets clicked, the website owner will get a few extra dollars each month.

But, what if you want to check your AdSense account to keep a track of the free money you’ve earned? No need to worry! With AdSense app, you can easily view all your key data from your AdSense account. This is the perfect app for the iPhone and iPad users.


3. Yelp 



Yelp is a great research tool that helps to select local businesses both online and offline, on the basis of customer reviews. This app can be used by e-commerce traders to check out their competition. However, compared to Google search you can’t extend your search to bigger areas, but it will let you search for the competitors in your local area. Put simply, as a trader you’ll be able to recognize your competitors in your business domain.

Yelp helps you find best local businesses. This app is available for BlackBerry, Android, iPhone etc.


 4. Amazon


Amazon.com is one of the largest online retailer favored by dozens of online buyers. So, if you prefer shopping from  Amazon.com, then you must download the Amazon App on  your smartphone. The Amazom app allows users to browse      through all the product categories,  compare prices, check product availability, read reviews, make purchases on Amazon.com etc., on-the-go. The best aspect about this mobile application is that keeps customers up-to-date with their order status.

Through this single app shoppers can access any of the Amazon’s e-commerce sites from across the world. Both Android as well as iPhone users can download it.


5. Redbox


Are you an ardent movie fan? Do you always wish to know about the movies that’s releasing soon? Then, Redbox app is the best-fit for you. With this mobile application, you can search for a film and locate a Redbox kiosk in the closest location, where the film you want to watch is available. You can also get directions to the kiosk via the Redbox. With this app you can even watch movie trailers, and search for numerous movies – by their name, genre and release date. What Else? You can even sign up for email reminders to receive alerts on upcoming movies. This app is available for iPhone and the Android devices.


Wrapping It Up!

Do you love shopping online, but can’t find time to research for the products you wish to buy? If you own a smartphone, then there are some amazing apps that you can download to make purchases even on the move. Although, there are lots of e-commerce apps that you can choose to shop for your favorite products, but the above mentioned 5 apps are a must-have for people who are yearning for best online shopping experience.


Author Bio Addison Cohen is a blogger cum iPhone app developer. He loves sharing information about application and tricks related to iPhone Application Development. Currently, he is employed with Appsted, a renowned company delivering top-notch mobile apps for varied requirements. 


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