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5 Best Virtualization Softwares For Windows, Linux And Mac OS

5 best virtualization softwares

What Is Virtualization In Operating System?


Virtualization in OS refers to the utilization of application to permit system to run different platform simultaneously, permitting you to run diverse applications that requires different OS on a single machine. The OS platform doesn’t interact with one another or the different applications. Not to be befuddled with OS level virtualization, which is a sort of server virtualization?   One of the principle points of interest of a virtualization is its lower cost, following there is less requirement of hardware. Likewise the procedure offers an adaptable methodology to the client as far as processing environment since different Operating Systems can deal with a single machine. There are wide range of Virtualization softwares are there on the web. We have selected best of them.   Virtual hosting framework usually utilizes OS–level virtualization, where it is helpful for safely distributing limited hardware amongst countless doubting clients. Framework admin might additionally utilize it, to a lesser degree, for consolidating server hardware and moving some services on partitioned hosts into compartments on the one server.   So this article is to tell you some widely used best virtualization softwares that allow multiple OS over a single device running simultaneously:

5 Best Virtualization Softwares For Windows, Linux And Mac OS:



This is one of the best desktop virtualization application software that can run 64 bit as well as 32-bit virtual machines systems. It is capable to operate any virtual machine (OS) loaded by VMware Workstation, VMware Fusion, VMware ESX and VMware Server. VMware is quite easier for newbie also as well as satisfies requirements of advanced clients. VMware is able to give more edgy efficiency, it is cheaper when compared to Parallels.

Oracle VirtualBox

In case of performance that matters you the most, Virtual Box can be the best choice as it is faster than other virtualization desktop softwares and is available completely free of cost. Virtual Box also possesses much more capabilities and it even more user friendly than Parallels and VMware   Oracle VirtualBox is x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtualization software that is available for Windows, Solaris, Macintosh and Solaris hosts and allows a large number of virtual operating systems including Windows ( Windows 7, Windows 8), Linux (2.4, 2.6 and 3.x), Solaris and OpenSolaris, Open BSD, OS/2, and DOS/Windows 3.x.


It is both desktop as well as server virtualization application, which is best known for Mac OS version which is able to run Windows OS on Mac. It also offers virtualization on Linux and Windows system. Parallels also offer synchronization, clipboard sharing, shared folders and peripheral device support. Parallel is well designed virtualization desktop app so that it can be easily used by newbie engineers and experts. The latest version of this software is able to run Windows 8 OS on Apple Mac machines and vice-versa.


QEMU is free open source virtualization software which is created by Fabric Bellard. This software is much able to rum programs designed for a particular OS on systems execution on another OS. The only requirement is that both the host machine and guest machines should have x86 processors chip.   So these were the best 5 virtualization desktop software for windows or Linux OS by using one can easily run one platform on any other without any issue. We are thankful to you for reading the post. You can get more updates related to different category by regular visitor by following us on FB in order to receive regular technical post updates.

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