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Aiwatch C5 Sports Smartwatch Phone – Review on Specifications, Features and Current Offer Price

Too much craze for a Smartwatch but lacking in budget? Aiwatch C5 Sports Smartwatch Phone can fulfil your craze within your budget! The Aiwatch C5 is now available at 28% discount price ($76.72) online at gearbest.com with free shipping cost. This Smartwatch is not only works as a watch but also will fulfil many of your Smartphone needs. You can take calls or make a call from your wrist as well as you can control camera of your Smartphone. The Smartwatch is prepared with many latest functionalities and technology that makes your lifestyle better and disciplined. We will know deeply about what are the major functionalities and features of Aiwatch C5 Sports Smartwatch Phone one by one in our review. So, let’s start with the design and display:


Design and Display


The appearance or you can say the design of Aiwatch C5 is unquestionably incredible. The dial of the watch is circular in shape and 1.22 inch in size. There are two buttons are designed at one side of the watch. One for volume up down and another is the power on/off button. The black color has heightened the level of gorgeousness and it is designed perfectly to suit both men and women. So, you don’t need to worry about is it a men’s watch or women’s watch before purchasing. Aiwatch C5 Sports Smartwatch Phone is featured with a capacitive display screen that offers nice display to the user.


Aiwatch C5 Sports Smartwatch


Main-Theme UI


Aiwatch C5 Sports Smartwatch Phone has 3 built-in UI to enjoy such as Tech-feel UI, General UI and Smart UI. The Three UI offers three different user interfaces and modes that you can enjoy differently. You can change your UI anytime you want and set a UI that suits your tastes and needs. The Tech-feel UI displays same type of UI via split screen. It offers a unique diamond shape display layout with magnificent purple backlight supporting the real technological feel. The General UI shows same type of applications in 2*2 protocols and the name of the apps is shown under the icon. The Smart UI displays all the apps in one screen featuring very small icons that you can zoom via Digital Crown.


Connectivity & Battery


Aiwatch C5 Sports Smartwatch Phone is much more than a sports watch. It has a standard SIM tray to carry a SIM. It supports GSM wireless network connectivity and Bluetooth version 4.0 for transferring files through it. Aiwatch C5 Sports Smartwatch Phone also has a 300mAh Built-in Battery that keeps the Smartwatch awake for a very long time at a single charge.


Extra Features


Aiwatch C5 Sports Smartwatch Phone offers a lot of additional features like Sleep Monitoring functionality that reports the quality of your sleep whole night and gives you the result in morning. Apart from that, to power on/off the watch you don’t need to click on the power on/off button every time. Raise your wrist and your watch will awake and the display will go off automatically when it’s not in use. This saves the power of the battery as well as the user also can stay calm about the fact that he/she don’t have to power off the watch every time. The Smartwatch has also featured an easy technique of receiving phone where you can answer your phone calls by shaking your wrist without clicking any button manually and you can mute the call by rotating your wrist.


Aiwatch C5 Sports Smartwatch Phone – Full Specification, Features and Offer Price


Package Contents


On purchasing Aiwatch C5 Sports Smartwatch Phone from gearbest.com you will get a package containing the items including: 1 Cell Phone, 300mAh built-in battery, 1 charger, 1 screwdriver and 1 English manual that provides all information about how to use the watch and how you can operate it well.


Aiwatch C5 Sports Smartwatch Phone is an outstanding device with amazing features & specifications. The most important thing that may attract you to purchase this device is its price. In gearbest.com the Smartwatch is now available at just $76.72 with 28% discount. The watch contains everything you are looking in your Smartwatch phone. Starting from catchy design and outstanding functionalities it is the perfect Smartwatch you must buy. Click here to place an order right now.

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