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Android L Vs iOS 8 | A Showdown Between Android L and IOS 8

With both Android and IOS currently ruling the mobile markets with their respective latest version of Lollipop and IOS 8, it is important for the users to know what each of them has to offer to them.

Android L vs ios 8 - Difference between android l and ios 8

Android L Vs iOS 8 | Differene Between Android L and IOS 8:


Let us unfold a quick summary of the features of the two very recently released operating systems. Before we begin, it is important to note that Android and IOS are gradually getting closer to each other with each of their new versions. Therefore, there are a lot many similarities for the discussion, in addition to just a comparison between the two leading market competitors, Android L and IOS 8.



Android L has come up with an improved notification, in a way that the same can now be accessed through the lock screen itself, prioritized automatically. Also, one can even swipe away the notifications, by double tapping. Apple Operating System, IOS 8 has also an enhanced notification system. Here, IOS 8 proves to be noteworthy in this regard as being customizable, and thus comparing favorably with Android L.

Apart from notifications, Android L also enables a variety of swipe options to unlock, and open camera or dialer. However, here again IOS 8 has improved functionality and more user-friendly environment.




With the rising demand for multi-tasking mobile devices, Google has some welcome addition for its users. Android L will display a separate card for the opened tab. Each of the same can be swiped to device’s either sides, to close the same. IOS 8 too, has split-screen multitasking, and is quite ahead of Android L in this game.



Android is responsible for 97 percent of the world’s malware, thus the burden now lies entirely on Android L to take care of the situation. In this department, IOS leads the race without any question. Thus, Google’s probability of significantly reducing the gap become practically zero, in the near future.


ios 8 vs android l



This is the major asset of Android phones, in comparison to Apple devices. Over the years, IOS devices have comparatively had a poor battery life. However, Apple attempts to improve the same with IOS 8. In comparison to this, Android has a dedicated battery saver mode with its L version, delivering up to 90 minutes of extra use per charge. Therefore, this appears that those in need of an extra battery life will persistently be better served by Android.



Additional Features

Both Google and Apple have come up with some exciting new features with Android L and IOS 8. Unexpectedly, Apple has opened its OS to the developers to an extent. With the introduction of ‘Extensibility’ feature, IOS apps will be able to communicate with each other like never before. With another Apple feature, ‘Today’s extensions’, IOS is gradually getting itself closer to Android. Apple has always been known for keeping its OS more secure, not allowing the developers to release the apps that are just widgets or keyboards.


Android L too has some new features for the developers, such as direct links to applications from searches in its browser. With both Android and IOS coming up with new features, let us now wait and watch whose features turn out to be more exciting.




IOS 8 will be able to run on iPhone 4S and later, iPad 2 and later, as well as iPad mini both generations. Android devices, however, may face a little trouble getting straight with the L version. Those with a flagship phone or tab, will be able to get the update comparatively quickly.


Overall, it is clear that future competition seems to be getting tougher between the two leading OS’s. With Android L and IOS 8 launch, it seems that each has borrowed some features from each other for these recent updates, picking the best out of each other to improve upon their own self. Let us see how this will change the way for IOS and android application development.

So these are some basic differences between android l and ios 8. To get more on this stay tunes with pulpybucket.



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