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Attractive Features of Windows 8 OS over Android

Last month i purchased a smartphone but before getting the best deal for me one question came to my mind that whether i should buy an smartphone which comes with android OS or i should go with Windows 8 which looks very attractive to me. Almost  everyone has to deal with this query before purchasing any smartphone. So Now i am going to tell you what are the advancement or compromises i faced before purchasing my new windows 8 phone.

Customized Look n Feel

Every major mobile OS provides a certain degree of customization in what you see in your desktop. In iOS, you can change your desktop app symbols so you can put your favorite ones in the forefront. In Android operating system, you can arrange the position of app symbols, and also add icons that display real-time details, making the desltop both customized and a source of useful details.

However, Android operating system icons tend to have their own developer-specific styles and styles, so when they intermingle on your desktop, the causing agreement may look active and unreliable like a disorderly patch work cover.
In Ms windows 8, app symbols are stay flooring, either rectangle or rectangle-shaped in shape, but always reliable in their basic look and feel.
But stay flooring also upgrade with new details immediately, just like an Android operating system gadget. For example, the email app provides a continuous renew of your newest concept headers. You can arrange stay flooring in whatever order you prefer best. In the screen shot above, we put the schedule, email and weather applications on the far left so we could obtain that details with a single downwards look.

Easy App Switching

In the ICS edition of Android operating system, Google has included a “Recent Apps” function that draws up a record of most frequently used applications when you simply select the system bar symbol. But in Ms windows 8, changing between start applications is much more user-friendly and easy: A run from the left advantage of the product will instantly take up the last app you used (assuming it’s still start in a multi-tasking state). It’s a natural action, and one you will hardly ever use inadvertently.


Wireless Charging
Upper range of Nokia Lumia series offers  built-in wireless charging capabilities which doesn’t require that device to be connected into the USB port  in order to charge it from a magnetic induction power pad without any wire.

MS Windows 8′s Room feature, however, you can talk, share images, schedules and notices with specific people in a single place. This clearly helps discussing and does not even require all users to have Windows 8, so absolutely, Google can force incorporation further and come up with better features when it comes to private sharing.

Awesome Picture Password
This feature is one the best which i like about Win OS. We’ve known about Microsoft’s image security password function in MS windows 8 since its designer review was revealed in mid-September. But now that we’ve had a opportunity to give it a rotate, we can definitely say it’s a fun, practical substitute to other system opening techniques.

Simply speaking, you choose an image for your secure display, and then determine three touch actions to sketch on top of the image in order to open up your system. Google is more innovative for providing a face recognition-based opening function in its Android operating system ICS OS. This, however, has confirmed not to be so protected. In fact, it can be beaten if you keep up an image of the Android operating system system user at the right range from the show.

Browser, Map and Payments
MS Windows 8 comes with the latest version of Microsoft application like IE10 which has phishing protection and provides awesome browsing experience.
Windowns 8 comes with pre loaded Maps which jointly comes with Nokia’s Navtek traffic service. It provides 3D view to its user. While android OS has the best mapping system that is Google Map which is an anvantage in android side.
By NFC MS Windows 8 has made it lots easier for customers to make online buys through their cell phones. MS wallet is expected to incorporate with completely different applications and change customers to make payment through services like Paypal.

MS Office Support
Android devices offer essential support for MS Office documents, but this is usually limited to watching information with no modifying opportunities. When the latter prevails, users are often welcomed to obtain a full edition of the software on the Play Store, indicating they would have to buy an application to make and modify MS Office docs.

If You are also planing to buy an smartphone please share with us, which one you like :)

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