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Basic Differences Between Android And Firefox OS

Launch of two Firefox cell phones Spice Fire One Mi-FX 1 and Intex Cloud FX in India, cell phone purchasers have got a ton of inquiries. From a layman’s point of view, this is what you get and what you don’t get in these two Firefox cell phones. Additionally, be clear that Firefox is completely different with android.

firefox OS vs Android OS

The Spice Fire One Mi-FX 1 and Intex Cloud FX are 2g empowered cell phones and don’t have 3g support. On the network connectivity front, both of these gadgets holds Bluetooth, Wifi and USB connectivity. Additionally, both handsets are exceptionally essential in nature with the main mission being to interface clients to the Internet and social networking sites. Along these lines, media involvement with both the handsets are really fundamental.


Some Basic Differences Into Firefox OS and Android:


You needn’t to have an email ID to work with Firefox OS. In Android, you must have a Gmail ID to access the features of the OS including Google Play. In Firefox, clients are not needed to enter an email ID to get to the OS platform. This bodes well given the way that Firefox needs to associate the masses to the Internet without any obstruction.


Using Firefox cell phones are moderately simple when contrasted with Android. First-time cell phone clients won’t experience much trouble in working with the OS. The call, IM, contacts and Firefox internet browser shortcut icons are constantly stay on screen and the experience is more like utilizing the home screen of Android with sliding left and right to access applications. On the home screen, there’s a bar demonstrating “I’m thinking of ” through which clients are regulated to Google search. Getting to Internet on the Firefox OS is extremely straightforward and easy to understand.

Firefox OS

Firefox OS upholds all significant social network communication applications like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Tumblr, Quora, Pinterest etc.Very low built-in internal memory. You will require a microsd card to begin your media involvement with the gadget. In this way, on the off chance that you don’t have one, include the cost of a microsd card to the expense. Both handsets supports upto 4 GB of SD card memory.


Whatsapp is not accessible straightforwardly. I got some queries in the comment section of my posts statinf, “wheter it will support whatsapp?” So the answer is “Not directly”. The original Whatsapp texting application is as of now not there in Firefox Marketplace . “Clients can join with Whatsapp by means of outsider application known as ConnectA2,” said by senior executive of Firefox Mobile Devices Group.ConnectA2 requested name, nation and mobile number to enroll. At that point it asked to enter a six-digit code which the application sent through SMS. The SMS never arrived! on the Intex Cloud FX. So it is still a doubt that whether this phone will be able to connect using whatsapp or not.


Some very popular applications and games are missing. No Angry Birds or Candy Crush or Temple Run or other well known games are available for the phone. But, you can play Flappy Birds. The Firefox Marketplace is in a really incipient stage however soon you can expect more applications on the OS as applications might be effectively ported.


The Firefox device consumes low mobile information. Firefox OS uses web compression techniques which compress mobile information. Likewise, as both the gadgets are 2g just, consumption of data is less when contrasted with 3g empowered cell phone. It offers more battery life. You can expect both the Firefox handsets to have a more prominent battery life when contrasted with other low price Android handsets.


So these are some basic differences between android and Firefox OS till this time. We will keep you updated on further information or query we received on this topic. You may subscribe us via RSS feed box or via social networks to get updates of new launches and difference between gadgets.

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  1. i am not enable to connect whatsup in cloud fx pls tell me that solution…

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