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Battle Of The Tech: Apple VS Android

Wherever you go on the high street, you have opposites. Burger King vs McDonalds, Coke vs Pepsi and Cadbury vs Nestle. All have their merits, but you can always spark a great debate by asking which one people prefer. In recent years, there has been a huge debate over which smartphones and tablets should be bought and the main fight is between Apple’s iOS and Android technology. The Apple brand has grown exponentially as the years have gone on, releasing update after update and upgrading their phones and iPads to smoother, sleeker models. Samsung is always hot on their heels with the latest upgrades and apps and both work continuously to take the other down from the top spot.


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Each time Android or Apple upgrade, social media and the internet in general explode with debates about who has the best/slimmest/sleekest phone with the best memory/picture quality/security – take your pick, the debate is never ending. Usually, the apps are the same – you can get your social media fix from either technology, no matter which phone you then buy. With each upgrade, phones get slightly bigger and with better screen resolution so downloading the latest Movie Box app updated version will give you an amazing quality. Hopefully some of these differences will help you to make a decision as to whether you go with Android or Apple in the end. Just like with Burger King and McDonalds, each have their merits!


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Hardware: The biggest difference is in the finish of the hardware. iPhones are very popular but the only company that make them is Apple, which means you can only upgrade within the Apple family. Android software is available to more than Samsung, with HTC, LG and Motorola using it, too! Both have had hardware issues from frozen screens to overheating, but these teething issues are often ironed out fairly quickly!


OS Compatibility: It may be a battle, but there’s no contest here as Apple will always have the edge on updates. Android are usually very slow at updating their phones for the latest releases, compared to Apple who update their phones at every update.


Apps: With the iPhone, you’re given the app store and with Android you have Google Play. The apps that are available on the app store can suit any iPhone, whereas the Android apps have had reports of fragmenting. The number of different phones that Android apps can be downloaded on makes it harder to update them effectively for each type of hardware.


Support: Everyone with iPhones and Android phones and hardware need support when things go wrong. Have you ever gone to your local shopping centre and seen an Android store? Neither have we. Apple has its support wherever you go.

No matter which one you go for, everyone is going to have their opinion on which is the best out there. It’s all about you though – what do you want from your phone? It’s the only question you need to ask yourself so you can make an informed decision.

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