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Best Android Apps To Make Remote Desktop Connection

Remote desktop is a client software which executes on an operating system that permits the client to make a connection with a workstation in an alternate area, see that machine’s desktop and work on it like your are using that workstation.

Remote desktop Android

Individuals use remote desktop capacityto do a mixture of things remotely, including the points given below:

  • Access a work environment device from home or when in journey.
  • Access home computer from different locations.
  • Fix a machine issue. By sharing desktop to machine expert.
  • Perform admin work.
  • Show something, for example, a methodology or a product application.


Remote desktop integration depends upon various protocols, including Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), NX tech, Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) and Virtual Network Computing (VNC).

It is very common to access your remote desktop using a computer. Different operating systems like Linux or Windows has an built in application to make this functionality.

Do you know that it is possible to access desktop of your computer using your mobile phone. Yes, It is possible to make Remote Desktop Connection using Android device with the help of  some Android apps. In this article we are going to discuss some popular Android apps that allow you to use your computer from a different location.


Chrome Remote Desktop

chrome remote desktop

Using Google’s Remote Desktop application for Chrome, getting to a PC or Mac from any Android gadget is simple.

Process of setting it up is simple and will take hard your 5 minutes and it will also require a little bit technical knowledge. With the objective of remotely controlling a workstation, how about we begin by introducing the Chrome Web application. Utilizing Chrome, visit and install the Remote Chrome Desktop application on your machine. You can discover it on the website of Chrome Web Store.

Once you are done with the installation, you’ll be guided through an sequence of dialog boxes and prompts. Follow the guidelines, allow access where needed. Make sure to install the extra softwares that make it possible.


Microsoft Remote Desktop

The alternative approach to access your computer remotely is Microsoft Remote Desktop app. With the Microsoft Remote Desktop application, you can join with a remote PC and your work assets from just about anyplace. Experience the force of Windows with Remotefx in a Remote Desktop customer intended to help you accomplish your work wherever you are.



  • Access to remote assets through your Remote Desktop Gateway
  • Rich multi touch experience with remote desktop protocol (RDP)
  • Secure association with your information and applications with Network Layer Authentication (NLA).
  • Simple administration of all remote associations
  • High quality audio and video streaming with enhanced compression and bandwidth utilization
  • Support Microsoft Remoteapp


Xtralogic Remote Desktop

Remote desktop

Xtralogic Remote Desktop for Android empowers you to interface with your Windows machines over the Internet from a cell phone controlled by Google Android OS. Once joined, it provides for you mouse and console control over your workstation while revealing to you everything that is happening on the screen. You can leave your machine without losing access to your documents, apps, and email. Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client app can make connecon utilizing Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or VNC convention.



  • Remotefx representation support, VNC protocol
  • Support for Windows 8 Multi-Touch remoting (a.k.a. Metro)
  • Simple connectivity configuration
  • Custom screen resolutions, including a choice to naturally fit to the gadget screen
  • Secure connectivity by SSL/TLS ,Network Level Authentication (NLA) by Credssp
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Gateway Support
  • On-screen keyboard for keys not available on gadget
  • Server location book etc.


  1. I personally use NoMachine (www.nomachine.com if you don’t know about it).

    • Thanks Chris.. but NoMachine is for desktop not an app… Thanks for the suggestion it will be useful for my next post. :)

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