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Best Key Recovery Free Software – AOMEI OneKey Recovery

One key recovery software also called one click restore software. When your computer crashes, you can use it to rescue your system to the former normal state with pressing one key(usually is one button on the keyboard) if you have backed up before. Of course, the backup must with the same software as well.


Some brand desktop computer or laptop preinstall the one key recovery tool. And the recovery  key is on the machine case or on the keyboard. But the most situation is that, people use non-branded computer or say, DIY computer. So they don’t have the native one key software. Another situation, some users reinstall their operating system but don’t reintall the one key recovery program. For another example, your brand computer disk partition have changed, as well as the recovery partition. So the default one key recovery can’t work any more.


No matter what cases, you may eventually realize that built-in one key recovery is not as good as you imagined. Then you start to look for third-party one key recovery application. During the process of searching, you may ask how to find the right one key recovery software? What’s the difference between it and traditional backup software? First, the size of one key recovery software should be much small than common backup software. Too big could be harder to download and install. My suggestion is beyond 100MB is better.


The interface of the one key recovery must be simple, friendly to use and without losing the uniqueness. AOMEI OneKey Recovery is a one! Let’s have a look at its main screen.


Best Key Recovery Software


Deep blue panel, two options, very clear at a glance. You may note the sentence behind the interface :AOMEI Backupper, that is a main product of AOMEI Tech. AOMEI OneKey Recovery is a freeware released later. Supports both Windows PC OS and Server OS. It can backup all your programs and configuration settings, when restore, it can even restore if your operating system cannot boot. Just press a special keyboard button: “A” or select an option in Windows boot menu to enter into AOMEI OneKey Recovery environment to make system restore when your computer starts. The two amazing factors of the software is that you can backup to other locations besides AOMEI recovery partition. And recover system via Window PE.

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