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Best Navigation Apps You Should Have On Your Smart Phones

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While driving or walking in unfamiliar places, it is important to have a mapping and navigation tool that is easy to use. With all the navigation apps available for smart phones, it is no longer necessary to call to ask for directions or find your way to the nearest land mark and retrace your steps. Finding your way is as easy as installing a GPS app on your phone and getting to where you need to be within no time. Below are some of the best navigation apps to have.


Google Maps

This is the most popular android navigation app, and with good reason. It has different modes of navigation for those walking, driving or cycling. It can be used offline as it allows for the saving of maps on the phone. It also features road incident and traffic information and suggests other routes that can be used to the same destination. It is user friendly, free and can be customized to avoid highways and toll stations. It allows for zooming in on a satellite view and saves maps automatically for offline use


Map Factor

This app is free to download, easy to install and has some amazing features. The android navigation app is especially perfect for drivers because it features an audible warning when approaching speed regulating cameras. It displays points of interest when making a navigation search and also features day and night switching. The route avoidance feature and the map rotating function in driving position make this free app worth having on any phone. The GPS satellite navigation has both 2D and 3D modes.


Waze Social GPS Maps and traffic

This free navigation app is a community based traffic and mapping tool. It involves sharing traffic information with other drivers in your area about the traffic situation and also the road information. The maps are also up to date and easy to use It has zoom, rotate and tap to view detailed traffic information features. It also includes voice guidance and one can share location with others. It provides information such as available parking and points of interest and can link to Facebook and foursquare.


Maps with Me

This is a free offline navigation tool for those who do not have reliable internet connection. The interface is extremely user friendly and the maps are also quick and responsive. It works through downloading an unlimited number of maps without any restriction. These are then saved to the android phone and can be used without incurring any data or roaming charges. It is supported in almost all countries and the maps are often updated. The points of interest are conveniently noted on the map.


Nav Free

As the name suggests, this app is completely free. It features HD maps and also OSM map data that allow users to input their own data to make it more accurate. The app has voice navigation and automatic rerouting to avoid missing turns. It has walking-mode for users on foot and can be used while offline.


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