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Best Travel Apps for Organizing Travel Information  

Travel is paramount in every day’s life. This is done either for leisure, business or education purposes. However, before travel proper arrangements require to be put in place to ensure no hurdles are to be met on the way. These arrangements can be made through travel agencies that have enough knowledge on various destinations and thus will offer appropriate advice. Other than the agencies, technological advancement has brought around various apps that are effective for this purpose. Such apps are applicable through internet enabled mobile devices, which includes Smartphone’s, laptops and iPhone. This article is to share some best travel apps for organizing your data.


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Through these apps, you can easily identify various hotspots around the world, get pricing for air tickets and various restaurants around the world. They are also ideal to use for booking such services as air tickets and hotels. Some of the best apps for organizing your travel information are


World Mate Gold 

This app comes with a wide variety of advantages to put in to your travel plans. It merges with your phone’s calendar and hence gives you an update on travel plans as scheduled on your calendar. It can also synchronize with flight schedules and thus provide a platform where you can make reservations and booking for your air travel when time is due. Other features includes hotel bookings where a list of hotels within your intended destination is provided with prices inclusive hence giving you a chance to make comparisons as well as reservations. It has an inbuilt weather forecast application that gives you weather predictions for your preferred destination as such you will travel adequately prepared for the current weather at your destination. The app is available at a cost of $9.99 dollars annually and is compatible with Android iOS, and Windows phone.


Triplt Pro 

This is among the best apps available in the market today. Initially, it was available as a website but its app works wonderfully. Its most outstanding feature is the ability to display the most time sensitive details on its home screen. This ensures that the urgent and sensitive details do not pass your eye anytime you open the application. The newest version of the apps known as Pro Version has the most comprehensive loyalty point’s tracker around. It also has an inbuilt seat tracker that allows you to book a block of up to four seats on your flight. This is alongside other factors such as providing adequate and frequent updates on flights and hotel reservation. The app is also designed to link with your email and gather any incoming confirmation numbers relating to any reservations made including flight, hotel and dinners. The app is available at a cost of $49 annually, a cost considered to be worth the services provided. It is compatible with iPhone, iPads and other computer hand held devices.


Trip Case

Business travels are characterized by tight schedules that must be observed. It is on this platform that Trip Case has been built and ensures that all activities and appointments during your trip are up to date at all times. It is created with capability to link with your office and the travel agent. It picks up any changes made to your arrangements from these points and makes appropriate updates immediately they are made. More to that the app can link up with friends and relatives and give them updates on your travel and hence no need to worry about updating them regularly. The application comes free of cost and is compatible with Androids and iOS.



Most apps are created to serve the interest of the users. However, Kayak is created to match its mother website and hence gives you access like any other user who may be accessing its website. Among its main features is its ability to provide a platform on which apart from providing available hotels and air flights available on your preferred destination and their pricing, it provides a platform on which you can make reservations for your preferred choice. This includes car rentals meaning you have the capability to plan and make reservations for your entire vacation by just a few taps on your Smartphone.


Making travels arrangements makes your trip much easier. Having a model where all these plans can be made from the convenience of your home or office without the regular visits to the agents is even much better. When planning to take your vacation in Australia all these apps will help in a great way. However, you require to acquire an Australian Visa to ensure that your entry is accepted. This can be acquired easily through their embassies around the world.


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