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Best Ways to Unlock your Mobile Phone Safely

We all are aware about the fact that when we buy a new phone, initially the phone resides in locked position which we need to be unlocked for further use. There are many ways how we can unlock a phone so that we can use it on any network and with any compatible SIM card.. However, there are many phone companies are now coming up with Smartphones that are unlocked. But the numbers of the companies are very few. So you have to find an alternative and a safe way to unlock your new phone after buying. In this article we are going to discuss a very safe as well as short procedure how you can unlock your phone.

Before you know about the ways to unlock your mobile phone let me first tell you about the benefits of unlocking a phone.


Benefits of Unlocking a Phone

An unlocked phone is able to use the free SIM cards. There are many networks which provides free SIM cards with free call and messaging facilities. But if your phone is locked, you cannot use them on your phone, but unlocking it will allow you to take the advantage. The biggest advantage of unlocking a phone is that you get allowance to use foreign SIM card without facing any problem. It will help you save extra phone costs when you are in abroad. On the whole unlocking your phone gives you the freedom to independently use the phone on any network.


Unlock Phone


Methods of Unlocking a Phone

There are many ways how you can unlock a phone. Many phones can be unlocked using some codes from many websites that generates freely and if it does not work then you can unlock your phone through your network by paying some fee to your network provider or else you can also do it through street phone unlockers.


Unlocking Phone with Code

To unlock a phone with code you will need some basic information; one is your phone’s brand name, second one is the model number of your phone, the IMEI code and the network name to which your phone is locked. If you are unaware about IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) code, let me tell you it is a unique identity number of a phone which is given to all mobile phones.  To get the IMEI code of your mobile, you just have to type *#06# into your mobile and then a number will appear and that is your IMEI number.

Once you have all these information given above, just put it on your phone and simply unlock your phone. The process to unlock a phone is very simple, just put a SIM card to your phone and try to put the numbers correctly. You will get five attempts to enter the code correctly, if you miss the fifth attempt then you have to take it back to the network to get your phone unlocked.


unlocking cell phone


Unlocking a Phone with Cable

If you are unable to unlock the phone using code then you can use another method using data cable and some specific software. If you are not a technical person then you take help of a dedicated unlocker to unlock phone with this method.  However, these days there are many websites are present online that offers phone unlocking service, but most of them are not safe. So you have to be very careful about choosing a phone unlocking service provider, so that you can unlock your phone safely. If you are looking for a safe unlocking company then click here to unlock your just within 5 minutes.


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