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Battle Of The Tech: Apple VS Android


Wherever you go on the high street, you have opposites. Burger King vs McDonalds, Coke vs Pepsi and Cadbury vs Nestle. All have their merits, but you can always spark a great debate by asking which one people prefer. In recent years, there has been a huge debate over which smartphones and tablets should be bought and the main fight ...

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UMI MAX Review – Grab The Lightning Deal Of Umi Max Only For $159.89

Umi Max with 3GB RAM

Being a reputed online e-commerce website, GearBest.com has recently introduced a promotion about the newly launched smartphone that is Umi Max. This smartphone is being sold for only $159.99 instead of its regular price of $179.99. Let’s have a quick view over the specifications of this smartphone in the following:   Design: The presence of the premium metallic body gives ...

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Grab XiaoMi Mi Pad 64GB ROM – White For $119.99 Only At GearBest.com

XiaoMi Mi Pad 64GB ROM - WHITE with 2GB RAM

Being a reputed e-commerce website, the GearBest.com is giving away XiaoMi Mi Pad of 64 GB ROM variant only for $119.99. Though the product is selling at a base price of $139.03, to purchase it in this offer price you have to use the coupon code ‘MiPad64G‘. Being manufactured by the growing smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi, this device has enough capability to ...

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Top 5 Smartphones With 4GB RAM In India

Top 5 Smartphones with 4GB RAM

The in-built RAM of every smartphone play a vital role to transform the device into a multi tasking gadget. That’s why if you want to experience multi tasking without any lags, you should purchase a smartphone which is featured with minimum 4GB RAM. We are going to enlist top 5 smartphones under this category in the following:   1.OnePlus 3: Being ...

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Top 5 Smartphones With Stereo Speakers In The September, 2016

Best Smartphones with HD Audio Output

Smartphones are often used for listening music. If you want to experience high quality audio output then the presence of the stereo speakers is mandatory. That’s why choosing a perfect smartphone with high quality stereo speakers can only satisfy you. We are going to enlist top 5 smartphones with stereo speakers in the following:   1.iPhone 7 Plus: Being one ...

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Top 5 Android Smartphones Currently Available In India

Top 5 Android Smartphones Available in India

Due to the immense increase in the no. of smartphones users, India recently becomes a growing market for smartphones. That’s why choosing a perfect smartphone becomes quite tough than the earlier period. To help you in this regard, we are going to enlist top 5 Android smartphones in the following:   1.Galaxy S7 Edge: Being included in the list of ...

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Top 5 Smartphones With High Quality Camera In The September, 2016

Top 5 Camera Smartphones

Being a multi purpose gadget, smartphones are often being used for photography. That’s why high end smartphones are equipped with specially featured cameras. Here we are going to enlist top 5 smartphones which have enough potential to capture high quality photos in the following   1.Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: This device consists of a 12MP primary camera which is featured ...

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Top 5 Upcoming Android Smartphones In The September, 2016

Best Smartphones To Be Launched

The smartphone market has been evolved a lot in the few recent months. This gives rise in the production of the smartphones which facilitates introduction of several new models. Some of the advanced smartphones which are yet to come in the market are enlisted in the following:   1.Google Pixel: Being one of the highly faetured smartphone from the house ...

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