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Samsung USB Cable To Charge Multiple Device With Single Device

If you are a gadget lover then it might be a case that you have to use your micro USB charger alternatively with each device to charge them up. The problem is killer when all your gadget discharged at the same time and you have a single charger while travelling. If you are tired of facing this charging issue heavily, Samsung has got one solution for you.

samsung multi charging


With the Samsung Multi-Charging Wall Charger, you can energize to three micro USB gadgets at a time. For instance, a wearable (e.g. Samsung Gear 2), a Bluetooth headset, and your cell phone might be charged at the same time! The Multi-charging cable enhances the aggregate charge over each of the three gadgets, isolating the 2A charge uniformly.


If you’re charging two gadgets, force streams speedier to each than if you were charging three all the while. A 2-amp charger is included in the box, which yields two amps of charge when charging one gadget, one amp for every gadget when you have two joined or 667ma every when you’re utilizing each of the three ports. Samsung hasn’t published a shipping date for this product, yet you can preorder this charging cable today.


The Multi-Charging Cable is effortlessly convenient and little enough to toss in your pocket or handbag. This is additionally the ideal embellishment for the on-the-go cell phone client who conveys different gadgets and stretches every one of them as far as possible. Charge a wearable, cell phone, tablet, Bluetooth headset or another micro USB gadget up to three at once from a solitary charger!


The preorder booking of the gadget is availble online in the accessories portion of the Samsung sales website. The cost of the cable is $39.99 and showing the status “Coming Soon” on the buy page of website.

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