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How To Choose The Best eCommerce Software For Online Store

If you know anything about the trends in the online world, you will know that choosing the best shopping cart can be a difficult decision. There are dozens of eCommerce solutions that promise you so much. So how do you choose the best shopping cart for your business?
Typically, I recommend my clients to go over the points below as it helps narrow the list down to a couple of choices. Avoid free open-source shopping carts (I\’ll explain below) Develop a monthly budget you are willing to pay for a hosted shopping cart Decide how much inventory your store will have and pick the shopping cart that can withstand your inventory Research the eCommerce software and find out if there are any bandwidth and storage limits – carts like Volusion, 3dcart, Magento Go all have limited monthly bandwidth Are you comfortable paying transaction fees – carts like BigCommerce do not have any transaction fees Most importantly, does the shopping cart have the features you are looking for Once you go through the list above, it should narrow it down to a couple shopping carts.
The carts that are left are probably one of the best to use for your online store. Okay, going off a topic just for a second here. So you probably want to know why I said to avoid free open-source software. Open-source software is past its prime and will not do you any good in 2013. Why? This type of software does not have the capability to keep up with the ever-changing trends in the eCommerce world.
They simple lack features and are not constantly updated. Lastly, this type of software will end up costing you hundreds of dollars that you would not spend with a hosted solution. Open-source software lacks a big selection of free themes, payment methods, plugins, and other valuables.


If you take a look at their app section, you will find a bunch of different people creating plugins. Ask yourself, how reliable are these people and will they update their plugins? At least with a hosted shopping cart, you know that a professional company is handling all of that. We got that out of the way and I will probably shake some heads with the above statement.


Keep shaking your heads, facts do that to people  . Moving on. Over the past several years developing online stores, I found that there is a short list of reliable shopping carts that are perfect. These carts include BigCommerce, Shopify, Volusion, and 3dcart. They are very similar in terms of features and reliability. However, each has its own ups and downs as does any other product or service.

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