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How To Use Digital Tattoo to Unlock Your Moto X

unlock moto x by tattoo

Till date tattoos were used only for fashion purposes to look cool and vogue. Now Moto X Smartphone offers you a new use of tattoos. It will be used to unlock your smartphone, isn’t it interesting and cool.


The tattoo will be not be like a normal tattoo that we make on our bodies (permanent or temporary). It will be a digital tattoo in the form of an adhesive bandage fitted with near field communication technology.


Now-a-days people are so busy that don’t want spend some extra seconds on unlocking their phone, an average person spends 2.3 seconds to her or his mobile phone. This activity is repeated 39 times a day. Keeping above in mind Motorola developers believe that people want an alternative to this tedious activity and they are very much willing to wear a digital tattoo on their body or specifically wrist to unlock their mobile devices.


The nickel sized tattoo will be up of ultrathin and super flexible material and will lasts for 5 days. With a glistening and intricate design it can stay on your skin through swimming, showering and vigorous physical activities like jogging etc.

Motorola is not the only player who wants to save people’s time from typing a password. Hand gesture capabilities introduced by Samsung to unlock mobile phones. Apple introduced the iPhone 5S equipped with fingerprint ID scanner, last year only.

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  1. cool,but you think this is good way to save your time and battery of your android phone.I don’t think so.It takes more battery to scan you tattoo.

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