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Dropping The Apple – Here’s Why It’s Time To Consider An Android

The Apple v Android debate feels like it has gone on for years and, in truth, it’ll probably continue for many more to come.


Given the significance of smartphones to our daily lives, making the right choice is pivotal. Most people are firmly in one camp or the other. But if you’re in the Apple camp, it might be time to consider losing the iPhone in favor of an Android.


Here are just some of the compelling reasons why.




The Price

Smartphone technology has come a long way over the last decade, which is why we’re more than happy to pay good money for a great product. Nevertheless, nobody likes being ripped off. That’s not to say that iPhones aren’t worth the money, especially if you love them. Nonetheless, Apple’s monopoly of the iOS system works against the consumer.


The fact that several manufacturers make them means that pricing has to be made competitive. In turn, devices like the LG G5 are particularly affordable. They’re not just cheaper; they arguably offer better value for money. Not least when you take into account the cost of Apple accessories.


Cost aren’t the only key element to look for when buying a cell phone, but they should be one of the top items on the agenda. For both the immediate and long-term benefits, the right Android could answer your prayers.


Compatibility With PC

Both Apple and Android devices have become far more universal in terms of integrating with other devices. Nonetheless, if you want to use your smartphone in conjunction with a Windows PC, an Android is the better option.


Not only do they simply work better with computers, but you can link various elements through one account. The Google Play Store App download allows users to enjoy those services from both PC and smartphone. Moreover, games and other items can be switched from one device to the other, offering far greater control over those experiences.





Of course, MacBook users may opt for an iPhone for similar reasons. Still, if your computer is a Windows device, you’ll gain far more joy from an Android.


Added Personality

Apple has tried to add a little character to its devices through the introduction of additional colors. Nonetheless, those options are still rather limited. The Android market is far broader, offering phones of different shapes, sizes, and colors. If you want your smartphone to be a reflection of you, the Android option could be a better solution.


Aside from finding a smartphone that looks the part, you can also focus on specific elements. Whether you need a better camera, a bigger screen, or something else doesn’t matter. The plethora of options on the market ensures that you can always find one that works for you.


Meanwhile, the range of accessories is arguably a lot greater. When combined with personalized cases (of course, also available for iPhone), your phone will no longer feel like a generic product. It will be yours, and that can have a telling impact on your relationship with the device.

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