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Ele Enter Gaming Keyboard Review – Available With Discount At GearBest.com

Being a gaming lover, are you looking for a perfect gaming keyboard which has enough potential to make your gaming experience even better? If yes, then you will surely be glad after hearing the news that the reputed e-commerce website, GearBest.com has introduced a flash sale for the two most featured gaming keyboards i.e. Ele Enter Mechanical keyboard Game 1 & Game 2. Both the highly featured keyboards are available respectively for the price of the $63.99 and $73.99.


Though it is also a flash sale that’s why it has specific ending timeline. The sale ends in almost 7 days & 23 hours. Both the keyboards are completely black coloured and upon getting order will be directly shipped from the warehouse of China. The shipping timeline for both the two products falls between the 21st September and 23rd September. Let’s have a quick view over the specifications of these advanced gaming keyboards to feel the difference from the other gaming keyboards which are currently available in the market.


Being equipped with 14 different backlight modes, blue switches as well as splash proof design, this keyboard not only be used for gaming, but also it can be used for the official purpose. This makes it a versatile keyboard and ensures solution for your every type of needs.  The remarkable features of this keyboard include 16.8 full colour mechanical keyboard, extreme n-key roll cover, 14 backlighting mode, FN multi-key & metal reinforcement panels etc.


  • While using this keyboard, you may set any key as per your own preference by using the specific dedicated software. 16.4 million Magic lighting along with the 14 different lighting will surely provide you a surprising experience in the very first use.
  • The metal keyboard cover makes the gadget more durable than the other gaming keyboards. Thus the reliability of the keyboard increases along with the solid performance and reliability.
  • The drive of this keyboard is easily adjustable which provides you the option for changing the background colours anytime as per your needs. Apart from visualizing the attractive look of the keyboard, you may set it to the sleep mode while taking rest.
  • This keyboard ensures optimum level of comfort while using the same. The outer most layer of the keypad is specially treated with the scrub injection which makes it a non-slippery as well as durable too. For this reason, you can use the keyboard at a stretch for a long time without any sweat. Though the inner layered is designed with the uniform light injection technique, it can easily produce better luminous effect while using the same.
  • The specially designed keys of this keyboard will give you quick feedback only by pressing it in a lighter way. With the comfortable feeling of this keyboard, you will surely get amazed while using the same. The different technical specification of this gaming keyboard includes trigger level of 2.0 +/- 0.6mm, trigger force of 50 +/- 15G, 60 million key life time & obvious sense of paragraph.
  • Presence of the anti-ghosting keys in this keyboard can be considered as one of the great advantages. Though there is the presence of separate switches for every key, that’s why you will get instant response after pressing any key. The smoother gaming will be ensured by the proper rejection of the disturbed key conflicts.
  • The water proof designs the unique feature present in this keyboard. The presence of the specific holes help to drain out splashed water. This ensures the optimum protection of keyboard against any water splash.
  • The uni-body hand holder makes the use of this gadget more convenient. You will never be fatigued while using this keyboard for a long time.
  • Some other unique features of this keyboard are i) Gold plated USB connector ii) anti sliding bracket fit iii) electrostatic magnetic ring protection etc.
  • This keyboard is featured with some other multi-function shortcut key combinations which are as follows: i) Fn+F1~F11: Controls multimedia volume size cut etc. ii) FN + INS: switching of 14 different backlight effect. iii) Fn + 1~5: Start 5 different gaming modes iv) FN + Home: Ensures the recording of the user’s favourite lighting pattern.


After considering all the above mentioned features, it can be easily said it will surely be a value for money product for anyone. So why wait? Go and grab the deal earliest possible.

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