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Elementary OS – A Fast And Open Alternative for Windows and OS X

Macintosh OS is one of the best OS to be ever made. It gives a delightful and reliable interface. On the other hand, to utilize it you will require a Mac PC. It is conceivable to introduce it on generic systemt yet it you will face heaps of difficulties and it is illegal also. In the event that looks is all you are after, you can attempt Elementary OS Freya.

Elementry OS

Basic OS is a Linux based OS which is in light of Ubuntu. Freya is the most recent version of the OS. There were two verients before Freya—Luna and Jupiter. These versions were likewise in light of prior variants of Ubuntu.


The primary objective behind Elementary OS Freya is in giving a brief and reliable client experience with least design and documentation. The interface utilizes the best components of Mac OS furthermore other popular OS. With Elementary OS, you can get a Mac like interface on your PC with least complain.


Install Elementary OS Freya

You can get the iso image file from www.elementary.io. It is accessible as a live distro. You can burn the iso to a CD drice or DVD drive or additionally you may use a pen drive to boot and introduce the OS. Installation of this OS is very easy and simple. You can either install Elementary OS along with your present OS or supplant it totally.


Software Details About Freya

Elementary OS concentrates on moderation and usefulness. It comes preinstalled just with the most essential applications. Applications include:

Noise: Music player
Totem: Video player
Empathy: IM software
Midori: Web broser
Shotwell: Photo utility
Scratch: Text editor
Geary: Email client software
This OS doesn’t accompany an office suite preinstalled. On the other hand, you can undoubtedly load it from the Software Center. Since the OS is in view of Ubuntu, there are a huge number of applications available.

Like Mac OS, apps on Elementary OS save upon exiting the app and restore to the state when they are revived.

Elementary OS wins with regards to look-n-feel and usefulness. Nonetheless, it is not without impediments. One of the real issues is with outsider applications. Apps downloaded from the Software Center might not have the same interface look as whatever remains in other OS. This is because these applications were not grew especially for the OS. Most applications additionally don’t spare upon way out and restore state when revived.


Elementary OS might likewise be excessively small for a few clients. The OS doesn’t accompany an office suite or security highlights. Clients need to download these from the Software Center. And still, after all that these applications won’t have the same look consistency.

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