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Enhance Your Kid’s Skills Using These 9 Great Mobile Apps

These days, there are new and dynamic ways to enhance the skills of your kids; and one of those ways is through mobile apps. Whether your kids have special needs or not, these mobile apps have been developed to enhance their knowledge and to spark their mind for better learning. Because there are countless mobile apps for kids out there, it is good to sieve the list to get the most helpful in this regard. Below is a breakdown of the 9 most excellent mobile apps that are a must for your kids.
9 Great Mobile Apps for kids

1. Crazy Mad House
This mobile app is excellent for preschool kids from 2 to 5 years old. It is an adventure application that sees kids enter different rooms in the house to uncover brilliant animations and sound effects that are hilarious. The illustrations are all drawn by hand to make them kid-friendly and casual enough to attract. The Crazy Mad House can be accessed through the door and users can start their exploration from room to room. The secret is that almost all the elements in the drawing is animated and kids will find great pleasure in interacting with all the elements therein. The house setting from the outside is ordinary; but when the kids start exploring it, they will discover that there is nothing ordinary about the mad house. There are about 6 rooms in total to explore including the basement and stairway. From streets lights that come on to a dog that barks and a garbage can that opens, kids will be delighted to activate all these elements. This is definitely a sure way to introduce simple life aspects to kids. This app does not just ensure skills are enhanced; but it is very entertaining as well. It is available on both IOS and soon on Android.

2. Storybooks Alive
This is a mobile app that helps kids explore different stories that hold vital lessons. This is a platform where books come alive to facilitate better reading and understanding for kids. Among others, kids will take home various virtues including courage, kindness, hard work and punctuality. The stories also come with game challenges that will help enhance skills in sorting, critical thinking, strategy as well as comprehension. This app is available for IOS and android systems. An example of a story to find here is on Ima Inguana the Treasure Hunter who is an eager reptile full of adventure in a great but perilous world. Follow Ima as he discovers treasure troves in dark places. This app can be downloaded on iTunes App Store and Google lay.

3. OctoPlus
This is a fun and engaging arcade style math game that will enhance the basic skill of math; specifically addition. It is an excellent app for special needs kids and it will teach in a dynamic way to ensure proper comprehension. This app will take your kids to an undersea adventure where they will learn excellent lessons on math facts from 1 to 10. This game is designed to help kids enhance their fine motor skills and those with delays will particularly have a lot of benefits. Kids with cognitive delays will find OctoPlus really helpful. The app works by helping kids earn vital ink after answering math questions. This ink is then used to fight invading turtles.

4. Peppy Pals Beach
This app is specifically designed to enhance and develop storytelling skills in your kids. It ensures that your kids are able to express their feelings effectively as they develop empathy. It is ideal for kids who are 2 to 6 years because it will spark lessons on forgiveness, acceptance and helping others. This is all made possible by cool animation, intuitive interface and awesome text narration.

5. Thinkrolls 2
This is a fun education app that is a sequel of the first Thinkrolls. It is a maze app that is ideal for kids of ages 3 to 9. It makes various tools available to see that users find their way through the vertical maze challenge. The first Thinkrolls was highly popular and this is an even better follow up of the same. Kids can move from level to level as they acquire new tools to engage the new challenge. This game will help kids sharpen their critical thinking skills and it will enable them to engage their brains more and this will play a vital role in developing better comprehension and overall intelligence.

6. The Great Inventors
This is one of the most informational apps that will enhance vital learning skills in kids. It is set in various eras where multipets present the history of great inventors who have shaped the world. It is not just informational but very exciting as well. Kids will be introduced to great inventions that helped make the world a better place. It is an awesome app to develop the creative bone in kids. This app is ideal for kids who are 6 and above. The app features traveling pets or multipets who tour different eras to feature among others the Wright brothers, Thomas Edison and James Watt. This app is a thrilling adventure as much as it is an informational one.

7. R Articulation
This mobile app for kids is very popular because it enhances excellent articulation skills in kids. It goes a long way to improve the receptive and expressive skills in language. It consists of over 800 words that are not just engaging but will also provide intuitive and cool graphics as well. With full sound effects and narration, this is an important app to give your kids a head start when it comes to articulation of language.

8. Frog Game
This is a captivating app that consists of 4 games aimed at helping your kids develop reading and comprehension skills. It features a frog who lost his voice and the only way to get his voice back, a series of events have to take place and they include mastering certain words. This app promises to enhance the spelling skills of kids along with learning all the vital basics where phonological awareness is concerned.

9. Question-It
This app caters to comprehension issues where language is concerned. It is meant to help those who barely comprehend questions to those who have no idea what to make of different language questions. It is made in various levels to start from the very basic going to more complex sentences. It is specially designed to make sure that the user understands the back-story of a question so that they are able to comprehend and answer better. It employs a lot of repetitive tasks to see to it that those with delays are catered to. You can enhance your kid’s skills using these 9 great mobile apps.


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