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Expert Comments : Samsung Galaxy Mega Review 2014

Samsung Galaxy Mega Review

Samsung galaxy mega is a kind of Samsung phone available in the market that can provide you with greater price. This phone also has the possibility of running the android OS and is also available with camera with 8 megapixels and also has TV remote. This is a phone that is screen all over and the phone can be really dazzling in all means. The 720 pixels HD resolution that is available with the phone is not capable of supporting the phone in a better manner. This is really large phone and is not much easier to carry as in the case of others in the same genre.Build & Design
If you have already seen S4 of Samsung, then Samsung mega can be like a version of Samsung’s marquee in an overfed manner. This is having corners that are rounded and have styled sides that are steeper on nature; you can also find the gray plastic finish, home button in rectangular shape. The confusing issue related with the phone is the size of the phone and it is said that it can be available in two different sizes in the international market.

The phone can be available in 5.8 inch as well as 6.3 inches size. This is a phone that is much slim and not so thick or brutish. The phone can still look much huge inside your hands. This is a phone that is similar to S4 and can easily get into the pockets. In the case of most of the men, it is really so hard to fit into the pocket due to its enormous size. The size of the screen is the major attraction of this brand.The LCD screen that is available in the phone looks perfect for viewing the websites and other details that you want from internet. This is something that is so good for desktop kind of view. This gadget can provide you with option for viewing apps also in tablet version as in the case of Amazon apps and Google maps. The lower screen resolution that is available with this phone is really something that is quite good as in the case of all other android phones available from the brand. The mega offers you with better and crisp view of almost all the kinds of native icons available. The streaming video that you watch in this gadget can provide you with better visual experience with excellent color and look.This is one among the Android phones that is runs on the operating system Android 4.2.2 jelly bean and is the newest touch that is available from Samsung. There is possibility for you to get multiple home screens along with this phone. This is a phone that provides you with all the facility for providing a better user interface that can make the users feel comfortable with it. There is a possibility for you to lock the screen in a personalized manner. There is a possibility for switching the mode for call blocking.


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