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Features And Review : Lenovo Vibe X Smartphone

There are thin and light smartphones, and after that there is this – the Lenovo Vibe X. Right from the first sight, the Lenovo Vibe X emerges from whatever remains of the smartphones, on account of its remarkable configuration, super thin profile and concentrate on ergonomics. The spec sheet numbers meaning the measurements further console the outline logic, the Vibe X measures just 6.9 mm in thickness. Furthermore at only 121 grams, with those sizes, it maybe rightly appears unbelievable that Lenovo figured out how to fit a 5-inch screen in this.
Right from the brilliant and rather sketchy pressing, the Vibe X begins to astound. The adjusted edges and the laser scratched completion to the outer surface give the smartphone a fairly cleaned under control feel and the dark and silver blending completion carries a dash of premium-ness. The 6.9mm slimness is work well completed in itself, however the inclined spines provide for you the feeling that it is significantly more slender. Side by side with any semblance of the Apple iphone 5 and the HTC One, and you realize that Lenovo’s configuration group has pulled off something likened to an overthrow.Lenovo relinquished the aluminum complete for a polycarbonate plastic shell, either in a silver or titanium dark textured completion. The silver complete on the back especially looks altogether different and since it isn’t plainly sparkling, can engage a more extensive demographic of clients. Furthermore the polycarbonate is the excuse for why a 5-inch screen size smartphone weighs what a 4-inch screen smartphone might. Also this makes the Vibe X amazingly light. Include the diligent work that has gone into making the smartphone thin, and what you get is the thing that could conceivably be an enormous 5-inch smartphone which is truly a noticeably agreeable to hold and utilize 5-inch smartphone!The particulars are not to be taken daintily. The Vibe X packs in a quad-center 1.5ghz MTK processor with 2gb of RAM and runs Android 4.2 out of the case. The 5-inch IPS screen has a 1920 x 1080 pixel determination and an evaluated thickness of 440ppi. Lenovo says this is the 20/20 vision, practically like how Apple treats the Retina show on the iphone, and offers fabulous content freshness and amazingly correct colour generation. IPS itself has an enormous playing point over the opponent showcase advances as far as how great the colour looks on the screen, and additionally a slight help with better survey plots. This screen gets the Gorilla Glass 3 security too. The bended glass should decrease reflections that have a tendency to have somewhat pestering vicinity on most cell phone screens in most utilization situations. Electric cell prerequisites have been given a liberal aiding also, with a 2000mah battery of the device.

The extent that the client interface goes, Lenovo has exchanged things around in a real manner. This specific UI is alluded to as the Smart UI. As opposed to needing to tap on the application drawer symbol and after that hunting down the agenda laid out either vertically or evenly, the Vibe X gets a UI that uproots that additional step. Swipe right and left on the home screens, and that is the place all the applications and widgets are. We discover this greatly advantageous, and the agenda request might be redone and organizers could be made.

The Vibe X accompanies 16gb of inside memory, yet no microsd opening for extension. The two snappers on the smartphone may as well joy the individuals who move toward utilizing the Vibe X for photography. The back Polaroid is 13mp with the BSI sensor, while the front Polaroid is 5mp. For the last, the standard with most smartphones is 2mp, and this could perhaps imply that the Vibe X could be the ideal smartphone for taking a selfie, or for Skype calls to loved ones!

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