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Features That You Can Expect In Future Smart Phones And Tablets

Cell phones have turned into a fundamental piece of present day life. They permit us to do things which were inconceivable simply a couple of decades back. One year from now, cell phones will permit us to do much more. Qualcomm, the organization that makes processors that power the majority of the cell phones in the business today, as of late showed a percentage of the features we will be seeing in advanced cells one year from now.


Future of mobile phones

In 2015, Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor will fuel top of the line Android phones and tablets. It will supplant the 801 and 805 that are mainstream today. The new processor accompanies numerous peculiarities and improvements. Here are the three gimmicks that we will be seeing on cell phones and tablets in the impending months.


Excellent Sound Recording

Cell phones accompany great quality cams however the sound recording is dependably of a low quality. One year from now cell phones will see altogether enhanced sound recording gimmicks on account of the new calculation incorporated with the Snapdragon 810. The calculation will work by utilizing three amplifiers incorporated with the cell phone and give clamor dropping. This peculiarity is called Fluence Pro. This engineering can likewise be utilized to enhance get quality by covering undesirable clamors out of sight.

4k Wireless Streaming

There are numerous cell phones which can shoot and able to play 4k clips. One year from now, we will see cell phones equipped for remotely streaming 4k videos to Tvs. This engineering takes into consideration data rate of 6 Gbps which is 4 to 5 times speedier than what Wi-Fi systems can deal with.

Enhanced Camera Zoom

Despite the fact that cell phones can take great photographs, zooming to catch more detail reasons decreased picture quality. One year from now’s Snapdragon 810 samrtphones will have enhanced zoom which will exploit another computational zoom innovation and lens framework. This innovation is generally created by Corephotonics and makes utilization of two separate lenses. The new innovation gives constant 3x zoom to still photoshot and 5x zoom for feature without including any moving parts. Indeed past this level of zooming, the new engineering gives a ton more detail.


The Snapdragon 810 likewise accompanies numerous different peculiarities, for example, for anticipating theft it has hardware level security, great design and diversions and enhanced encompass sound. It will likewise give improved recognition of voice and speedier data transfer rates. The processor is liable to be utilized by all heading cell phone makers however there is no ensure that all these capacities will be made accessible in every smartgadgets utilizing the processor. Notwithstanding, most top of the line smartgadgets would most likely including many of them.

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