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Free Tools To Split Your Desktop Screen

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Suppose a situation that if you have a high-resolution LED display and you want a split your desktop screen with multiple application for example to compare text from two different PDF files you may need to split your screen area to make your task a bit easier. In such scenario all you need is a screen partition application. The fundamental focal point of having a big screen is that you can open different windows in the meantime and this enhances your efficiency. You can read and write in the time furthermore you can do multitasking more effectively.
You can use Alt + Tab to switch between different windows or by utilizing your mouse. If your display screen s large enough, this is a wastage of time. You will squander a ton of time in resizing the windows or moving them around. A screen splitting software is a better choice as it will make your work effortless.


A lot of software to achieve the functionality of splitting the display screen is available in both free and paid version. We are going to discuss here two free applications that will be be very helpful for you to partition your screen in Windows and deal with your screen land all the more adequately.


Winsplit Revolution

Winsplit Revolution is a light software that aides in arranging open windows on your screen. Utilizing this application, you can resize, tilt and position windows to adequately use all the space available on your screen area. Winsplit Revolution additionally permits you to part your screen into two, thirds, fourths, and so on. You can likewise resize any window and move it around on the screen with simply a click of the mouse. You may pre define hotkeys to perform these activities and control the open windows.


In general, Winsplit Revolution is quite useful and is compelling in enhancing your efficiency. In view of the all available tools, it is the best free screen partition tool available for the Windows OS.

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Good points of Winsplit Revolution:

  • Automatically handles window moving, minimizing, resizing and so on.
  • Global hotkeys furthermore a virtual numpad for performing activity
  • Can be arranged to begin automatically with Windows
  • Auto-upgrade feature
  • Allows drag and drop functionality to handle different screen areas.

Acer Gridvista

Gridvista is screen slit app that is very much alike to Winsplit Revolution. In correlation anyway, it fails to offer a percentage of the functionality. For instance, it doesn’t provide virtual number pad. Still Gridvista is a decent application and accomplishes the desired result. On the off chance that you dislike Winsplit for any reasons and searching for a different option, Gridvista may the tool that full fill your requirement.


Both of these softwares work nice in Xp, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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