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Free Virtual Machine Softwares For Linux To Run Multiple OS

vertual machine for linux

Advanced laptops and desktops are compelling enough to have the capacity to run different OS inside your current running operating system. Keeping in mind the end goal to run an OS inside your primary OS, you will need a software called virtual machine. To support multiple OS on a single machine you also required to have sufficient amount of RAM. The amount of RAM required is depends upon how many OS you are going to install over your primary operating system.

Number of free and paid software to achieve this results are available in market or internet. In this post we are going to tell you some free version of Virtual Machine Software for Linux OS. In our last post we have discussed about best desktop environments for Linux system. Here are the best virtual machine programming for Linux:



Virtualbox is one of the free available virtual machine bundle accessible for all major operating systems. It has numerous modern features to rum multiple guest operating systems over a primary Linux OS. It has a fuctionality known as “Guest Additions” which gives additional benefits to the host OS like sharing peripherals, drives and files. Virtualbox is unquestionably the best free virtual machine software available for Linux.

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QEMU is another powerful virtual machine software intended for Linux. It is focused around the KVM framework. This product specifically executes code on the host device and can imitate machines over another hardware with dynamic translation. Additionally, it provides automatic resizing of virtual disks. This software does not need administrator access to run which permits you to make thumb drive-based compact virtual machines.

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Bochs is another open source powerful PC emulator created in C++. Bochs is equipped for running verity of OS including DOS, Linux and Microsoft Windows. Bochs has been in steady improvement since the year 2000.

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Vmware Player

VMware is a free vertual machine software which is available in two versions: Vmware workstation and Vmware Player. Vmware Player is the free form which is gone for normal users. It accompanies essential functions which permit you to make and run virtual machines but it lacks to provide advanced features like other freely available vertual machine softwares. Vmware Workstation, is the another version which provides extra features like take snapshots, machine cloning.

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