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Vivo X5 Full Specifications | China Launch | Features | Reviews | Specs


Being one of the little organizations from China nowadays, Vivo chose to avoid all that insane show, huge affirmation gatherings and media meetings and simply report their most recent gadget on their site today. The vast majority of the gadget is upper mid-reach to top of the line relying upon what specs we’re taking a gander at.

Vivo x5

You’re going to be getting a 5″ 720p display screen, which is a little lower in the pixels-for every inch(ppi) than some different leaders out, yet at the same time a nice resolution in that size. Inside you’ll discover 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of built-in storage and a 1.7 ghz Mediatek Mt6592 octo core processor chipset, which is a genuine octo core processor with 8 full core as opposed to the ordinary double quad core setup that is found in a some octo core gadgets available in the market.


The camera pack with the gadget is a Sony’s fabulous 13 MP Exmor Imx214 sensor ehich is the same one found in high end phones like the Oppo Find 7 and the Oneplus One, so you know its fit for some really stunning shots. There’s additionally a 5 MP front facing famera as well, so even selfies are going to look path preferable on this phone over most out there. You’re likewise going to discover a 4g LTE connectivity support inside for quick network responce.


The Vivo X5 is the first enormous leader from the organization since the Xplay 3s which was launched earlier this year, keeping in mind its not pressing a QHD 2k display screen like that gadget has, it has something exceptional of its own.


New digital surrounded Yss205x-Cze2 sound chip fabricated by Yamaha is the situated piece in this gadget, and Vivo is pointing all its promoting to audiophiles that need the most flawlessly awesome in sound from their phone. Texas Instruments is additionally giving a Cs4398 decoder chip as well as Max97220 class AB amp inside the gadget, providing for you unparalleled sound feedback you may not have thought conceivable in a phone.


August 28 is the official launch date, in spite of the fact that Vivo didn’t set a cost in its advertisement, so we’ll need to hold up until then to discover how much it will cost to you.

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