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Google Project Ara : That Will Reshape The Future Of Mobile Phones

Have you ever think of that you could select each component of your phone as per your need and to make a customized smartphone, the answer to your wish is the future project Google Ara. Project  Ara suggests that mobile phone user should be able to pick components to compose the phone as per their requirement rather than to choose within a range of selected combination offered by phone manufacture.

Google Project Ara

In case you’re new to the idea, this is what we know so far about Google’s interesting DIY cell phone. In the initial stage in this way, Ara resembles an essential rectangular casing called Endoskeleton that is subdivided into littler rectangular slots. It’s the concept that you snap in rectangular blocks for every module, say one slot for a 8-megapixel cam, and an alternate piece for the processor.


The Project Ara will offer ultimate form of customization. You pick each module, pick where to put, select the shading and visual outline. That brings enormous adaptability to phone users, both regarding getting the specs they need, and as far as expense.


Higher-end parts will be more costly, yet for those shopping on a financial plan, picking the specs you need will likewise issue you your decision of what you spend your cash on, and where you can save. Perhaps you like a great display with high RAM, however you aren’t a lot interested in camera. That could conceivably spare you cash more than a phone with all-around top of the line parts.


Google Ara is modular concept which additionally implies you can update whatever you want, which can advantage early adopters and individuals who clutch their innovation longer. Ara could be less expensive over the long haul in the event that you keep the same body and just swap certain parts, or it could quick track you to the most recent and most prominent processor or cam in case you’re hot to get the following best thing when it comes.

Google Project Ara Future of Mobile phones

Toshiba and Miami based cell phone maker Yezz have freely affirmed that they’re building parts. Toshiba has produced to two processors (PDF) for Ara phones and has made a cam module for the Project.


The primary Project Ara cell phone will be revealed later in this year in Peurto Rico, and Yezz says that the pilot dispatch would serve as a proving ground for the interest for such cell phones. Despite the fact that the organization did not have any Modular cell phones to show at Mobile World Congress event, it did show a couple of modules at its stall at MWC.

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