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Hottest Mobile Apps To See You Through The Chilly Winter

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Severely cold winter is months away! So why think about mobile apps now? Remember, you must make hay when the sun shines. Mobile apps have changed how we handle inclement weather. With the help of smartphone apps you can share updates on weather condition and get information on the condition of specific roads and areas. In addition to that you can use your phone to read eBooks, play games, and watch videos. Here are some apps that you can add to your collection. Let the winter chill set, you are ready to face it with these hot apps:



If there is lot of snow and hailstorm outside, there may be hours or even days when you    can’t come out. Spend your time indoors in something fruitful – learn English. There is this cool video dictionary app that teaches you the language with interesting and engaging video examples. You can have fun watching the videos that can strengthen your English vocabulary in the process. So, get ready to enjoy sipping warm coffee while checking out video examples using DIVII – English video dictionary.



Even if you are locked indoors, the snow cannot stop you from getting social. With WeatherMob you can turn into a meteorologist and report on the weather condition and share it with your friends. It is a free iPhone app that lets you pick up icons to describe the weather conditions, the way you are feeling today, and sports or activities weather is good for. In addition to text descriptions you can attach photos and videos to your reports. You can also check what other WeatherMob users are facing and how are they dealing with the weather this winter. The app also has Facebook and Twitter integration.



If you are planning an outing in winter do check for instant weather update. And you can get instant information through an app called DarkSky. The application uses the free radar data available from the U.S. government. The app presents you data of your preferred area by the hour. The slick radar map of the application can show what the weather will be up to a specific time. So, before you want to run to the grocery store for supplies or want to meet a friend, make sure you are checking out the outside weather on DarkSky.



mPING is a joint project by University of Oklahoma and National Severe Storms Laboratory(NOAA). With the help of this application you can check the precipitation condition and share it on social networks. You can check reports regarding snow, hail, rain and sleet. You can also check and share measurement of hail and take photos too. The data you collect is automatically sent to the NOAA researchers who compare the anonymous reports from users like you and compare with the official radar images. Then the reports are displayed on the official website to enhance weather forecasting and radar technology.


Flashlight apps:

Often during winters the lights go out. The app called Flashlight can save you from spending hours in the dark. Even though there are other flash light apps, the Flashlight by Rik is an application that lets you control the intensity of light. You can also turn on a strobe or send SOS signals using the application. So, whatever be the name, you must have one in your phone.

Search a bit more and you’ll probably find some more apps that you’ll find useful during the winters. But make sure you do not end up spending a lot of money in the process or crowd your phone with useless apps.


Author’s Bio: Bobby is retail professional at Walmart. He is also a guest blogger and does freelancing for a content marketing company. He is working on the promotion of an English dictionary app

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