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How to cut a video or audio using VLC player


If you want to cut an mp3 file or a video file, what will you do? Will you search for a video cutter or mp3 cutter on Internet and install a number of software to check whether it is actually doing that?
Do you know? – there is no requirement of performing an internet search and installing downloaded software if you have VLC player installed on your machine. You can use your VLC as a video cutter.  If you don’t have, it is very easy to find it on google. All you need is to have a VLC player only. The advantage of using VLC is it support a large number of file format.

We are listing out here few steps for cutting a video or mp3 file using VLC player:
(1)  Install VLC player on your machine. ( If you already have, skip this step)


(2)  Click on the “View” tab and select “Advanced Control”. It will add some extra icons in your VLC.


(3)  Notice the first button (Record Button) with red circle in extra added icons. It will be used to cut a video/audio.
(4)  Select and play the video which you want to cut using VLC player.
(5)  Press the record button to select the start point of recording and again press it at the end point.


(6)  Congrats!!! , your video clip is generated; you can find it in your “Document” or “My Videos” folder with the       date and time.
The video clip will be saved as MP4 format.

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