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LeTV Le 1s Available On Flipkart Today With Open Sale At Rs. 10999

LeTV Le 1s, from LeEco, keeps on staying in stock on Flipkart today, even 9 hours after the most recent open sale started. This has come a week after the phone’s first open sale saw stocks depleted before many people had an opportunity to purchase as a result of amazingly popularity and demand. On Feb 25, the stocks were finished by around 8:30 am, however today they keep on staying starting 9:00 am. It is likely that stocks will be depleted in another couple of hours, passing by past patterns.

Leeco has sold 3 lakh units before today’s open sale. The aggregate current interest for the phone is seen at between 2-3 lakh units. It is not clear what number of have been put for the sale today.

Letv Le 1S review and onpen sale

LeTV Le 1s is, without uncertainty, the most value for money gadget in India, and offers top most mid range features at a cost of Rs 10,999. Comparable models from other barnds normally cost around Rs 18,000-22,000 in India for the same specs.

You can likewise purchase the phone for Rs 6,000 today on the off chance that you exchange an old phone. Flipkart is taking phones from the majority of the brands under the offer.

The open sale of 1S is prone to mollify fans who had been left with an astringent taste in mouth a week ago after the larger part was not able lay their hands on the gadget.


The most recent open sale has come only two days before Le 1s’ greatest rising competitor, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, is disclosed in New Delhi on Thursday. The Redmi Note 3 is relied upon to begin next Tuesday by means of the flash sale model.

Passing by the looks of it, LeTV is quick to give a phone to any individual who willing to purchase its model before the Xiaomi model hits the market. Numerous buyers are holding up to know the cost of the Redmi Note 3 preceding choosing which model to purchase.

Taking into account customer reviews, the Le 1s offers brilliant worth for cash. Its weakest point has so far been the camera and high processor use. In any case, that appears to have been settled with the most recent OTA overhaul, which can be downloaded from the letv website.


The Redmi Note 3 offers a quicker processor, a greater camera and prevalent photographic capacities. It additionally underpins MicroSD cards set up of the second SIM, while LeTV 1s does not support external memory cards.

You are prone to need to spend anything around Rs 17,500 for the 32 GB variant for Redmi Note 3. Most purchasers expect the 32 GB form to be evaluated at not as much as Rs 15,000.

Xiaomi is additionally liable to reveal a 16 GB verient also with just 2 GB of RAM. This model could be valued underneath Rs 15,000, however is unrealistic to speak to purchasers as the 1s accompanies 32 GB internal memory and 3 GB of RAM.

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