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Lucky Family LED Watch – PLUM Cheapest Red Digital Date Display Rubber Band For $2.25 Only

Lucky Family is presenting a great LED wrist watch for people with passion of wearing variety of fashionable watches. The watch is offering a very stylish design and fashionable feel to its users. This LED digital watch specially features date and time function. The price for this wrist watch is so less that anybody can buy one anytime they need. The regular price for this watch is $6.17 but from Gearbest you can buy this watch at a huge discounted price of just $2.25.

Lucky Family LED Watch


The design of Lucky Family LED watch is very simple yet fashionable. The watch is available in variety of colors starting from Plum, White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Purple, Deep Blue, Gray, Orange, Pink and Brown. You can grab anyone of these colors as per your choice.  Lucky Family LED generally can be used as an outdoor sports wear, fashion or casual wear. It has a rectangular shape design for the display screen and the band is made of rubber that looks nice on the watch. The wearable length of this watch is 15- 21 cm. It weighs only 0.021 kg and thickness is 1.2 cm. On the whole the watch looks nice in terms of design and a real good product at just $2.25.



Lucky Family LED Watch has a 2.0 cm display screen which gives red coloured display of date. Because of the LED nature, you can even see time at dark places too. With a very clear display nature you can easily see date and time. The energy saving LED display is environment friendly that gives no side-effects to the eyes. The display of the watch featured with a technology which automatically turns the display screen off when there are no requests for time checking.


Technical Features

There is nothing much to speak about technical features for Lucky Family LED Watch. As it is a very simple watch with LED display features. The watch features digital display technology to display 24 hours time format.  It also features LED energy saving display which is environment friendly and not harmful to eyes at all. Moreover, the watch also turns off when it does not get any time checking request.



Lucky Family LED Watch has used high quality ultra soft rubber band which is very comfortable to wear on hand. The 0.021 kg watch fits very comfortably and does not cause any problem on wrists on wearing. The display screen has used LED display that helps you see time even at dark places.

Lucky Family LED Watch 2

Weight and Size

Lucky family LED watch weighs very less compared to regular watches. The reason behind this is because of the material. It has used LED display and rubber band which does not weighs much. The total weight for this watch is 0.021 kg and the dial thickness is 1.2 cm long. The display diameter of Lucky Family LED Watch is only 2.0 cm but gives a clear display because of the LED feature. The total size of the watch is 22 x 2 x 1.2 cm. All in all the watch is a very lightweight device that which is wearable by anyone.


Dial Features

We have already discussed some portion about the dial of Lucky Family LED Digital Watch on the design part. The overall shape of the dial is rectangular in nature. The dial has a digital movement type and the display feature of the watch is digital in nature. The watch shows time in 24 hours format and also displays date which helps you to know about current date without even using a calendar.

Grab Huge Gearbest Discount


If you have never used a LED display watch then you should try one and with Lucky Family LED Digital Watch it is going to be a remarkable start. You get a wonderful design, LED digital display and soft rubber material with an excellently fashionable design at a very affordable price tag. The watch is wearable at outdoor places and matches well with casual attire. With feature of LED display the watch also will help you see time even at dark places without any help of light. This excellent watch costs only $2.25 at gearbest with 64% discount. So, if you want to grab one LED watch for you, do not make more delay and order a piece of Lucky Family LED Watch –PLUM 1 from gearbest.com online.

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