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Microsoft Discontinued Free Custom domain email service on Outlook.com


Today I received an email which disclosed that one of Microsoft’s free services that is been around since 2005 is, now being gradually closed down. The organization quietly published Thursday on its Windows Live Admin Center site that it has quit taking new registrations for its free Custom Domains for Hotmail and Outlook.com clients.


What is Custom Domain Email?
A custom domain email address that looks a bit professional than username@gmail.com or username@yahoo.com ? In simple words a custom email is an email address on your o domain. For, example if you are having a domain address XYZ.com then e custom email of this domain will be like user@XYZ.com. Use of custom email looks more professional for your business.


Google stopped its free custom email service before a couple of years ago. After this announcement from Google, Outlook become the first choice for the users because getting a personalized email for Outlook not only offers a custom email it also provide a well established, reliable, secure email service. Google now providing custom email service for some dollars.


According to email, the current customers those are already using this service will continue to use the service by log in to Outlook.com with their existing custom domain email address, but after 31 July 2014, they will not be able to add or remove accounts in their domain.


This move of Microsoft is disappointing, but was expected. The way that the Windows Live Admin Center kept on using the old Windows Live marking and was never upgraded with the advanced configuration of Outlook.com was presumably the greatest sign. What’s more, the administration has dependably been greatly restricted, with executives just ready to include or erase addresses. What’s more the moderately late expansion of an unmistakable Microsoft Office 365 connection under the Sign In catch was telling too.

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