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The Mobile First Approach – Future Approach To Site Ninja CMS

Business owners are now looking for a better control over their websites. Content Management Systems allow the business owners to make small changes in their websites at their own, without the help of a web development partner. Content Management Systems are in high demand. They have been linked with the effectiveness of a business’ website. If used correctly and properly, Content Management System will help you in keeping your website up to date and your users engaged.


Site Ninja  CMS

Site Ninja CMS


So let us see how Content Management System will help you in updating your website. So the question is, what exactly is content management system? It is a relatively new development in web design. This system gives much control the business owners and allows them to make changes in the content of their website whenever they want to, without the aid of a professional web designer. Business owners need to make changes frequently. This system comes in very handy.


Over the recent years the mobile and tablet usage has increased greatly over the years, as many of the people only use the internet for surfing, entertainment or shopping. Tablets are far more comfortable to use than desktops are in any case. People who own websites need to make sure that their websites are responsive so that their users have an uninterrupted experience. On any mobile device you will never find a website to have certain columns, keeping up with the limited space the content is placed in a single column through which users just scroll down vertically.


This implies that useless or unimportant content is either completely removed or condensed to make up for the small space provided. The fonts on the mobile devices are larger than those on the desktop, the scroll bar on the right is mostly removed from sites viewed on mobiles and the buttons need to be large enough so that it is easy to click on them.



Mobile first approach for beginners:  

Mobile first approach is the process where web designers design a website as it would be viewed from any mobile device and then enhances the design further for desktop use. This allows the web designer to focus solely on the things that are actually important and cut out the unnecessary parts.


Application of mobile first approach on the CMS:  

Content management systems are used to manage content through a desktop interface mostly. The million dollar question is how to simplify the CMS application so that people can manage the content when they are on the move or away from their laptop/desktop. There are a lot of people who own live blogs they need to have a way to access their blogs to report a new story even from their mobile devices.


How is Site Ninja CMS enhancing the content management experience? 

New and far more responsive themes that respond instantly to users. They will provide website and blog layouts that are responsive mobile or tablet friendly.They will provide a preview feature that allows people to preview their work on their mobile, tablets and desktops.If you are looking to develop a content management system then do look in to this, you will find it very helpful.


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