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MultCloud Helps You Transfer Files From One drive to Another More Safely and Easily

In the information-based society, we often have multiple cloud storage accounts – Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and other popular cloud services, this may lead to the nuisance of not being able to manage each of them efficiently. Especially if you want to do the unified management on different cloud storage safely and easily. Today we will give a review of free cloud management tool named MultCloud. MultCloud  is a free web app that lets you manage all of your cloud files with ease and transfer files back and forth between your accounts. With MultCloud, you can visit one cloud service across to another in one place. Even if one service stops, other services can still work normally.

MultCloud  3.1.0 has released,  some new features added below:

  • Support Amazon cloud drive.
  • Support replacing or skipping some files during file transfer.
  • Enhance SFTP service: Support logging in with Private key.
  • Optimize transfer function.
  • Fixed some cloud drive bugs


Below we’ll take a look at how the service works and some of its main features.


Accounts Setup

Mult cloud review 1

Once you create and activate your MultCloud account, you’re ready to start connecting your accounts. Adding accounts is easy and pretty self-explanatory.


Cloud File Manager

MultCloud can manage your files in multiple cloud drives like the Windows Explorer, and perform operations such as upload, download, cut, copy, paste, move, delete, rename, new folder, etc. Such as: File Sharing can share the files with your friends; File Search can search for files and folders across cloud drives through keywords; File Preview allow you to online view some office documents such as DOC, PDF, XLS, etc.

multcloud review

Key Feature- Free Transfer File

MultCloud can move or transfer files form one cloud to another for better realizing the file transfer operation among multiple cloud drives without downloading to local.

multcloud review3

Scheduled transfer

If you encounter that some files may need to backup regularly, for example, make a data transferring on the last day of every month. MultCloud supports scheduled transfer function. It allows you to set the daily, weekly or monthly in the specific time for data transmission. It also supports to send an email to you after completing the transmission and inform the result.

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Three Guarantees of MultCloud:

  • Using 256 – bit AES encryption technology to transmit data.
  • MultCloud does’t store your cloud space password.
  • MultCloud does’t copy or store your data and files.

MultCloud is an online cloud storage manager, and it can mix all cloud storage services into one account. Using MultCloud will save you much time under the condition of uploading or downloading some files, sharing photos or files with friends. Feel free to let us know about your valuable suggestion in the comments.

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Check the website form here: https://www.multcloud.com/

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