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How To Take Best Photos : Basics of Digital Photography

Digital camera has become a basic product in people’s life. More and more people like to take them to shoot beautiful pictures when traveling. But few of us are professional photographers who can take excellent photos. Even though, we don’t need to be depressed. Here are some tips that can help us improve the shooting skills quickly. Let’s learn it right now!


1. Shutter LagIf want to take good photos, first you should understand the functions of your own camera and know how to operate it correctly. What is Shutter Lag? Shutter lag means that a digital camera always will not have an instant reaction when you press the shutter. Most times it needs seconds to react. Generally speaking, the shutter lag of digital cameras in the market is always between 0.5s~2s. Don’t look down on the one or two minutes, it will have a significant effect on the photos.


2. How to shoot clear photos?

The problem people encounter the most maybe the picture fuzzy problem. Except the fault of camera, it is mainly caused by the shake of camera when taking photos. So we should try to avoid the camera shake during the shooting. In general, we suggest you that take the camera with your left hand, then allow your elbow against chest, or let your body against a stable object. Shooting in the night or using a telephoto lens, you’d better use the tripod in case of the existence of blurred photos.


Many times when we view pictures on the LCD screen of the camera, we can’t find problems. But when we upload them to the computer, we always find that they are blurry. That is because the size of LCD screen is too small. In order to overcome this problem, you can use the Zoom function to view photos next time. Please remember that don’t rely on the LCD screen too much! Another problem may be occurred when you viewing pictures, that is accidentally delete some of the photos. If it happens, don’t be too worried about that, you can use a photo recovery software to help you


3. Place the sun behind you!

Photography is the perfect combination of light and shadow. It should have enough light shine on the subject. The simplest method is let the sun behind you and have a certain offset. The light can illuminate the subject and make its color and shadow turn bright. A slight shift can produce a little shadow to show the texture and stereo feeling of objects. One point should be paid attention is that, don’t take your shadow into picture when shooting. But this method does not work well when shooting portrait under the strong sunlight. The expression of protagonist will be unnaturally because the sun.


4. Select shooting style and angle.

Generally there are two ways to hold the cameras when shooting: the vertical (it is used to shoot portrait)or horizontal (it is used to shoot landscape). The two kinds shooting effects are also different. The photos which are taken vertically can emphasize the height of subject (such as forest), and those taken horizontally emphasize the width of shot subject(for example the mountains)


5. Overcome Red Eye.

Now many cameras have the removing red eye setting. In fact, that is to let the flash lamp flashes a few times in advance before opening the shutter. This can help the eye adapt the flash light.

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