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How To Prepare Presentations Without MS PowerPoint

Prepare Presentation without powerpoint

Prepare Presentation without powerpoint


For most individuals, Powerpoint is the main thing that strikes a chord when they are told about presentation app. This is so genuine considering the way that Powerpoint has a 95% piece of the pie. Consistently, roughly 350 Powerpoint presentations are given in diverse nations of the world. Powerpoint is the accepted presentation application. On the other hand, there are numerous options to Powerpoint which are worth giving an attempt. This post how to prepare presentations without MS powerpoint


Here is some of the best free choices to Powerpoint:


1. Google Drive:


Google Drive accompanies 3 office instruments i.e word processor, spreadsheet and presentation app. Google has not given any specific names to these apps. Joined together with the online memory that Google Drive gives, these make a decent option to MS Office and other office suites.


Google Drive is exceptionally adaptable and flexible. You can transfer Powerpoint presentations to Google Drive and open and alter them in your web browser. You can likewise send out them to different formats also, for example, PDF. Obviously you can just make presentations specifically sans preparation. Google drive gives 20 free formats to making presentations rapidly. Separated from these peculiarities, Google drive additionally permits online joint effort and modification control. With everything taken into account, Google Drive is one of the best free plan B to Powerpoint.


2. Impress:


Impress is a piece of Apache Openoffice and Libreoffice. It has full similarity with Powerpoint which permits you to effortlessly open and alter ppt presentations. You can likewise send out your ppt presentations to different format also, for example, PDF. The primary downside with Impress is that it accompanies a noticeably need brilliance client interface. Truth be told, it looks just about like variants of Powerpoint from 10 years prior. Nonetheless, it is one of the best free choices to Powerpoint.


3. Prezi:


Prezi is a free online tool which permits you to effectively make proficient looking presentations. Regarding convenience, nothing verges on Prezi. It additionally gives the most dazzling and rich moves. Be that as it may, its greatest drawback is that all the presentations you make are open and there a size point of limit of 100 mb.


4. Haiku Deck:


Haiku Deck is a free presentation tool that is accessible both online furthermore as an application for ios. The online service tool might be gotten to by marking in with your Facebook or Twitter account. Haiku Deck permits you to make extremely delightful and expert looking presentations. It accompanies 6 in manufactured subject theme which might be changed according to your needs. It additionally gives access to about 35 million stock pictures. In the event that you require more topics, you can buy them also. Haiku Deck can likewise be installed on sites and websites. You can likewise trade them to Powerpoint and Keynote.

5. Zoho Show:


Zoho Show is an alternate online presentation suite that merits a ton of commendation. Most eminent is its situated of apparatuses for picture altering and your presentations broadcast. The service additionally accompanies 5gb of online memory. You can likewise import/send out ppt presentations utilizing Zoho Show.

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