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Shoes Is The New Product In The Category Of Wearable Technology


In the category of wearable technology GPS enabled smart shoes are new buzz these days. This product is developed by an Indian company which give directions to the wearer by vibrating. It will hit the market under the name “LeChal” this month. The term “LeChal” means “take me along”.


Along with giving you directions the red colored sneakers will also tell you the number of steps taken, calories burnt and distance traveled.


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The shoes has Bluetooth transceiver which is detachable type and linked to a smartphone application to give directions to the wearer using Google maps, it will send signals in the form of vibrations to turn left or right.It has been developed by two engineering graduates, Anirudh Sharma 28 and  Krispian Lawrence 30 who founded their tech start-up Ducere in 2011.


Google Glass
Google Glass allows the users to fundamentally wear a computer on their heads. Arraying from anorak to surgeons Google Glass is a device available in market used by anyone. Users are able to see and interact with it hands free because of the optical head-mounted display and voice activation technology.


Nail Watch

Nail Watch is hottest example of integration of technology and fashion. The product is designed by TX54. It can be worn on the user’s thumbnail and is disposable also.

The gadget is transluscent with a choice of content color choices and a glow feature that initiates on command. It mixes in with the nail practically like nail shine, aside from that it has a cool client interface and a useful, moderate edge to it.


Sony Smart Band

This wellness tracker in a delicate silicone packaging records your physical, social and stimulate exercises, from the quantity of steps taken to observing your sleep cycle. It must also be integrated with a cell phone (any gadget running Andoid Kitkit 4.4) by means of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology or Bluetooth. Sony’s Lifelog application permits you to control music, track your developments and be told when you get a call, content or email through its vibrations. The product is available at Sony stores and also online for US$99.99 (S$125) and comes in a array of vibrant colours.


The D Shirt

Produced by using an unique brilliant sensing fabric woven with micro-sensors,  the D-shirt records your heart rate, GPS, location, speed and elevation. It sends data to an application on your cell phone by means of Bluetooth, permitting you to record your advancement.

Product designers additionally say that it can advise the runner when he or she is pushing excessively hard and gambling a heart assault. The piece of clothing is lightweight, no heavier than an ordinary shirt, and could be washed and pressed.


Pebble Steel watch

The most recent Pebble smartwatch is decked in metal and leather like a genuine, up-to-date watch, instead of its plastic ancestor. It is combined with iphone or Android smartphones through Bluetooth, and has a five to seven day battery life. It takes data from your smartphones and showcases it on your wrist, giving speedy notices.

The Pebble 2.0 product likewise has an application store containing applications that permit you to control your music, discover close-by spots to consume and get Google Maps turn-by-turn cautions.


The Dash headphones

An alternate method for taking care of the tangled earphone issue is to do away with wires out and out. The Dash comprises of a couple of discrete and remote stereo headphones that sit unequivocally in your ear and plays music by means of a Bluetooth association or an embedded 4GB music player. Moreover, it can measure your heart rate, body vitals, pace, number of steps taken and calories burned. And guess what it can even function without an attached smartphone.

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