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Spice Fire One Full Specification, Reviews, Specs, Mozilla Firefox OS Phone

Mozilla’s Firefox OS as a cell phone OS has had an low impact in the mobile business market, however all that could change soon as the first Firefox cell phone has been declared for India. The Spice Fire One has unsurprising low-end specs and an incredibly appealing sticker.


Spice Fire One Mi FX-1

Spice Fire One Mi FX-1

At Mobile World Congress, Mozilla revealed schedules to grow to extra markets in Latin America and eastern Europe, furthermore reported an outline for any phone creator to make $25 Firefox OS cell phones, which it has now conveyed on apparently with the Spice Fire One, valued at Rs 2,299.


Spice Fire One Mi – FX 1 Brief Specs

  • Screen: 3.5-inch (320 x 480 pixels) HVGA capacitive
  • Sim Type: Dual SIM (2G)
  • Processor: 1 GHz Processor
  • Camera: 2MP rear camera, 1.3MP front-facing camera
  • Network Connectivity 2G (EDGE), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi,


Numerous sellers are touting their ease Android gadgets as fabricated shockingly cell phone purchaser. Anyhow we believe that Android, ios, BB 10 and Windows Phone are so far exceptional for most first-time purchasers that they don’t even know how to tap the full ability of the OS. Firefox is implied for simply this swarm, making it less demanding to get applications and easy to use for non-polished clients. Firefox OS is constructed particularly for low-fueled telephones, and is streamlined to run on fittings as low as a solitary center processor, which is what Spice’s Fire One games.


The telephone is normal gives clients the essential experience, without the execution overhead. It’s intended to decentralize the application distributed procedure of the heading OSs, by giving designers full opportunity to publish Web applications.Truth be told, in the event that you utilize an Android telephone, you can look at how this functions as the Firefox broswer application gives you a chance to introduce applications from the Marketplace, in the same way as you would a standard Android application.


There’s a helpful point of interest with this framework. Dissimilar to on ios or Android, where you may need to download applications, with Firefox OS, you have moment access to all applications, since they are fundamentally changed forms of the site or website page. Firefox says its pursuit and-dispatch component will at any rate somewhat freed the issue of looking for and introducing applications, which is a piece of the learning bend on any cell phone. This additionally implies that engineers don’t need to be bound by application store decides that most Oses have. A designer could distribute any application for Firefox OS on the Firefox Marketplace, exactly as effortlessly as they would make a site page.


Mozilla says its at present rolling out huge improvements to the OS, which will come to handsets over in the not so distant future. Among the progressions is one for the way clients get to as of late utilized applications or the notice focus. The most recent rendition of the OS, v 1.3, locations a few concerns, for example, Pop3 email help, and NFC network for interfacing and triggers. Firefox has additionally made upgrades to the cam application, with support for consistent self-adjust gave the fittings is available to such a peculiarity. It’s without a doubt including a considerable measure of things that are viewed as essential in advanced cell phones, yet in its own specific way.


  1. wellcome to a tiny competetor mobile_in lower rate mobiles market user will come to know the firefox os_of high brand.

  2. does this phone supports whatsapp ???

    • No, It dosnt allow you to install whatsapp, Phones internal storage is only 70 MB (user available). You can use via connect A2

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