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Stellar Drive : Simple And Reliable Tool To Clone Your Mac HDD

Mac gives you an option to clone your Mac HDD. A clone is an exact replica of your Mac HDD containing both data and operating system files. That means it resembles the exact status of your hard drive. Such a cloned HDD is useful at the time of recovery in getting back the lost or inaccessible data along with all the settings. It is advised to create a clone of your Mac HDD at least once and then perform incremental backup from time to time. This ensures you have the latest data and settings saved and can be used to boot even a different Mac, if required.

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Cloning is a very simple process and can be done either on an internal drive or an external drive Apple provides a useful Disk Utility to partition the drive for cloning. However, the process requires extra attention, as it involves various invisible files, symbolic links, and permissions that need to be copied. For a hassle free cloning process, it is always advised to have a professional and reliable tool.


Stellar Drive Clone software is a perfect tool to create an exact replica or a mirror image of Mac hard drive. The cloning can be done either with the resizing option or without the resizing option. Usually, it is advised to have at least 10 GB of spare space on the destination drive, however, with the ‘Cloning without resizing’ option, the extra space left after cloning is not used. So, in this option, the destination drive is either larger than the source drive or equal to it. You need to follow the below mentioned steps to perform cloning without resizing.
1. Make sure your CD/DVD ROM on the system is empty.

  1. Place the Bootable disc that was created using the Stellar Drive Clone into your CD/DVD ROM.

  2. Launch the ‘Stellar Drive Clone’ software.

  3. Under the ‘Clone and Imaging’ tab, click ‘Clone’

  4. From the ‘Cloning’ screen, choose the ‘’Disk Clone’ option.

  5. Select ‘Clone without resizing’ option.

  6. From the ‘Select Source’ list, choose the source drive.

  7. From the ‘Select Destination’ list, choose the destination drive such that it is equal to or more than the size of the source drive.

  8. Click ‘Continue’. This would start the cloning process.


The above mentioned steps would clone Mac HDD without resizing it. However, if the chosen destination drive is larger than the source drive and you want to utilize the extra space left after cloning, you can use the ‘Clone with Resizing’ option of the Stellar Drive Clone software. You need to follow the below mentioned steps to perform cloning with resizing.


  1. Ensure that your CD/DVD ROM does not have any other CD/DVD present in it.

  2. Insert the bootable disc that was created using the ‘Stellar Drive Clone’ software into your CD/DVD ROM.

  3. Run ‘Stellar Drive Clone’ software.

  4. Go to the ‘Clone and Imaging’ tab and click on the ‘Clone’ option. A ‘Cloning’ screen is displayed.

  5. Select the ‘Disk Clone’, option.

  6. Choose the ‘Clone with resizing’ option.

  7. Choose the source drive from the ‘Select Source’ list.

  8. Choose the destination drive from the ‘Select Destination’ list.

  9. Click ‘Continue’.

  10. Resize the destination drive.This can be done either by dragging the slider or entering the new size manually. In order to save the changes, you need to click the ‘Accept Size’ button. This needs to be done each time you change the size.

  11. To start the cloning process, click ‘Continue’.


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