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Top 3 Free Business Mobile Apps for Android


If you are an android app developer, you know that one of the key steps to creating an effective mobile app is to make sure that it will not only be useful to the user, but that it is properly marketed to those who are the most likely to use it.
This can be achieved using appnext, and other mobile ad networks, that are designed to help Android application developers monetize their app and grow their user base by targeting the right mobile consumers with effective advertising.
That being said, if you are an Android mobile user looking for functional business apps, the following are three of the most practical free apps you may want to consider downloading:



An app that allows you better access to your online Google documents compared to if you were to view them via a web browser. With this app you can view documents on the net or download them in text files for editing purposes.



This unique and free app can automatically set your smartphone on silent mode when you are in the office. It can also conserve your phone’s power.



Another free application, Bump allows you to easily exchange contact information and photos with another mobile user (even iPhone users). All you need to do is tap the two phones together and you’re done!


There are many other great business mobile apps out there for Android users and many of them are absolutely free!

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