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Top 3 Best Google Voice Desktop Apps For Mac And Windows

Google voice is a remarkable service for U.S. individuals to contact and sms their preferred connections. It’s also providing high competition to Skype with the functions like sending contact from your look for engines speech variety to actual figures all over the globe.This is fairly amazing support that Google provided but it’s sad that only available in U.S. Want to see the support in other areas around the globe.


However, every great factor has an other part too. One factor that keeps me annoyed about using Google Voice is that you have to keep Google Voice web site start to get information. Sometimes, you may near it incorrectly and you become not available to get any information.Opening Google Voice web site might be undesirable for many out there like me. So, I began to look for Google Voice Pc notice applications to keep me keep in touch with Google Voice consideration. There are not many software programs out there, but I discover some awesome software programs after a comprehensive analysis that help you to keep informed about any action with Google Voice consideration on your desktop.


Google Voice  by Google
It is generally a Google Chrome expansion developed by Google team to keep you keep in touch with your Google Voice Account account. Contributes a key to the plugin, which shows the variety of unread information in your Google Voice mailbox. Main features contains :

Audible aware on new information (can turn off in expansion options).

Gives you fast access to your most latest information with transcripts and voicemail messages play-back.

Lets you start calling and send free sms information by just writing any variety or contact name.

Makes contact numbers on websites callable via Search engines Voice by just simply simply clicking them.


GV NOtifier
GVNotifier is a powerful app that brings Google Speech right to your Ms windows pc. Quickly send or receive information, pay attention to or read voicemail information, link calls and more. This little app works for Ms windows XP/Vista/7.
Google Voice App:
To help keep Google Voice start on the pc, Google voice app is designed. As this is app based on Adobe Air, it will work on all popular OS like Ms windows, Mac and Linux.

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