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Top 5 Cooking Apps For Android


If you think cooking is difficult and have given up ask a result, why not try to use different tools to help you out? You can even use your smartphone to download cooking apps for in the kitchen. There are a lot of different apps out there that can make cooking easier than ever. This list is 5 of the most popular, so try them out to see if they help you out when you need it the most.

1. Pinterest

Although this is not specifically a cooking app, it does have a ton of really unique and interesting recipes on it. Once you download it, just click on the “food and drink” section. This will pop up a huge list of different recipes that range from holiday pumpkin pie to three ingredient fish dinners. Once you tap on the dish you like it will direct you to the website that features it, complete with instructions and information on ingredients needed. Try this out and you will be sure to find a lot of great recipes that you otherwise wouldn’t have known about!

2. ChefTap

This free app is a great resource because it pulls recipes from Epicurious, Allrecipes.com and many other recipe websites. So, all you have to do is use this to find different recipes to create! You can even save recipes, share them and save blogs that you like. If you have recipes you can even add them to the site to share with people. By using this in the kitchen you’ll be sure to find something to eat with ingredients that you already have.

3. Meat Cooking Reference

If you’ve ever needed to know how long to cook different pieces of meat, then this app can help you out. It gives you a diagram of how long to cook different cuts or parts of meat. This can help make sure your meats turn out great so they aren’t under or overcooked, which can mean more cooking at home!

4. Weber’s On the Grill

This has over 300 recipes on it that are specifically for cooking on the grill! Along with this it also gives you tips on how to cook and techniques that can make your food turn out better. Even videos are available to ensure that you can see what you’re supposed to do before you do it. There’s also a timer feature on this to help you keep tabs on anything that you’re cooking.

5. Perfect Produce

Almost everyone has walked into the produce section at the grocery store only to realize they don’t know how to pick out anything they want to buy. This $1.99 app will ensure you know how to buy the fruits and veggies you want so that they are ready to eat! It gives you information on how to tell if something is ripe and even what recipes you can use it in. Another benefit is that it tells you which types of foods to avoid so you don’t waste money.

A regular contributor to 2Yum.Me, Maria shares her knowledge on healthy cooking and ways to get fit. This website has a lot of useful information, including: recipes, cooking tips and even health advice.

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