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Top 5 Free Desktop Blogging Software For Windows

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Most blogging softwares, for example, WordPress accompany instinctive and proficient post editor. Then again, they are still not satisfactory regarding the matter of specific features. This is the place a desktop blogging software can turn out to be a superior result. Utilizing these product you can make blog entries as effectively you can make on a word processor software. You don’t need to login into your blog’s dashboard each time you need to make a blog entry. You can additionally make complex designing and transfer pictures without breaking a sweat. Desktop blogging platforms additionally permit you to maintain different blogs effortlessly using a single interface. There are verity of desktop blogging clients are available, here is the list of best free desktop blogging platform for Windows operating system:


1) Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is without a doubt the best desktop blogging programming for Windows. It accompanies awesome formatting tools and a picture editor which permits you to make overall organized blog entries. It likewise provides plugins which permit you to enlarge the basuc features. It is compatible with almost all blogging platforms. One of the best functionality of Windows Live Writer is that it underpins WordPress pages. This is exceptionally valuable when you make “typical” sites with the help of WordPress.


2) Blogdesk

Blogdesk is a light desktop blogging plateform for Windows operating system. It accompanies great tools for formatting the text and pictures that permit you to make and publish blog entries without any problem. Blogdesk additionally accompanies a powerful picture editor wizard which permits you to alter and change pictures before embedding them into your blog entries. At the point when contrasted with Windows Live Writer, Blogdesk looks a bit simple but still it is an effective blogging plateform. By utilizing Blogdesk, you improce productivity of your blog, Blogdesk can post just posts and not pages on Wrordpress based websites.


3) Blogjet

Blogjet is a paid version of desktop blogging software yet it accompanies a 30 day trial. The product upholds all real blogging plateforms. It accompanies great designing and picture altering functionality. It accompanies an advanced yet simple to-utilize interface, It likewise accompanies some ultimate features like word counter, auto-replace and provides stats of the blog, custom fields, smileys and much more. Blogjet helps WordPress pages also.

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4) Scribefire

It is not only an standalone application. It is a plugin which is available for web browsers like Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome. It accompanies numerous functions, for example, formatting text, picture transfer, help for different blog sites. You can deal with all your websites from your web browser without any difficulty with the help of Scribefire. If you compare
ScribeFire with other available desktop blogging softwares, it is needing in a few regards yet it is extremely effective and valuable for dealing with your blog sites.

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