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Top 5 Gadgets That Will Help You While Traveling

Gadgets for Travelling

When holidaying, it is recommended that all electronics should be turned off. However, just like most things, good technology can actually enhance and improve the travel experience. In fact, there is still a place for gadgets even when on a holiday. For tourists planning to Turkey or some other foreign country, not only will the following gadgets prove to be helpful but are somewhat of a must-have in any traveler’s arsenal.


1. X-mini ME Thumb Size Speaker

Many travelers just conveniently leave their travel speakers behind at home because of how unwieldy they tend to be and then they weep over not being able to listen to their favorite tunes. However, no traveler will ever complain about this X-mini ME speaker taking up a considerable amount of space because it does not since it is the size of a thumb. It can be placed on a keychain and with easy USB charging, up to 6 hours of playback can be enjoyed.


2. Mophie Juice Pack PowerStation Pro

Travelers need power the most and often run out of it, but that will never happen with this Mophie Juice Pack. This lightweight power brick can be used to recharge smartphones or tablets with fading batteries. With the rating of 6,000 mAh, the most power is offered from the Mophie range is offered by the Mophie PowerStation Pro. The impact- and splash resistant casing of this PowerStation Pro also makes it quite rugged for travel use.


3. IPhone Hookups Monocular

These days, smartphones are used as primary cameras by many travelers. Considering that Turkey or any other country is sure to have plenty of picturesque sights, using this handy lens with an iPhone will make it possible to take sharper photos and record video with a higher resolution. Many travelers decide not to bring their camera while traveling, whether it is too bulky or pricey, this Monocular lens will provide to quite a convenient substitute.


4. Compact Cube Universal Travel Adaptor

It may not be exactly appealing, but this compact universal traveler adaptor will save both frustration and space. Many travelers actually have a box somewhere in their house that is full of travel adapters from a variety of different countries. All of those can actually be thrown away because this universal adapter is worth switching over to This lightweight adapter is pretty much the only one that will ever be needed, regardless of the country they are traveling to.


5. Swiss Gear Computer Backpack

This Swiss Gear Computer Backpack is not only ideal for backpacking traveling, but it is also ideal for travelers who simply want to bum around the city. Not only does this backpack have 1,500 cubic inches of space that can be used for storage, it also has an integrated phone pouch and a padded laptop sleeve. Moreover, it will also serve as a power source when other larger gadgets like a laptop run out of power. Conclusion Thus, this proves that technology can actually make a travel experience better, as long as the right pieces of technology are carried along. The same can also be said about the modern online Turkish e visa system that makes it convenient for foreign tourists to enter into the country and travel around.


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