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Top 5 Security Apps to Make Your Android Device More Secure


Your smart phone is likely most imperative advanced property that holds your contacts, messages, quick messages, particular photographs and other private stuff that you might not prefer any other individual to see. Yet, it is so natural to lose one as you are convey it all around you go. It is always very painful if you lost your device which is full of your personal information.

There are a plenty of security applications in the Google Play store that help you defend your Android phone and offer choices that expand your shots of placing your lost (or stolen) mechanism. The Lockout application was the most popular for figuring out the area of a lost telephone however with Google’s own Device Manager, Lockout might be skipped (unless your telephone is running a more advanced Android version.

The Android Device Manager emphasize lets clients track or control smartphones and tablets from the web, yet now an application is making the site’s purpose accessible while on the go. Utilizing the application, you can search your units on a Google Map, ring to find or include a lock screen or framework reset for critical circumstances. Look at the Google Play store for the download.

Android Device Manager obliges that the apparatus is online – associated with phone information or Wi-Fi – for you to remotely ring, lock or delete the telephone. There’re however applications like Prey and Where’s my Droid application that gave you a chance to remotely send instruction to your telephone through text messages.

Both Prey and Where’s My Droid might be designed to send Sms alarms to an alternate number if somebody attempt to change the existing Sim card of your device. That said, you may as well likewise actuate the Sim Lock on your Android telephone (Settings -> Security -> Setup Sim Card lock) and the gadget will require a secret password.

An alternate Android App Lockwatch records the telephone’s area and catches a picture with a front cam when somebody endeavours to open the telephone however enters a wrong Pin. This data is send to your message location and it happen noiselessly so the victim might never realize that their action has been noticed.

When you are charging your device at an open station, you either need to watch the gadget constantly or you can actuate the Anti-Theft Alarm application and get relaxed. The application will trigger a sound when somebody detaches the charger and your telephone screen will streak ceaselessly until the right pin is entered. You can go above and beyond and arrange the application to trigger a caution when somebody moves the telephone even a couple of inches from the first ever position.

If you have secured your Android telephone with a numeric Pin or a more confusing alphanumeric secret pin but these are really irritating as you have type the pin each time you turn on the screen. A free application called SkipLock makes it easier. The application will essentially uproot the lock when you are joined with one of the known Wi-Fi systems and restore the lock when you are on 3g or an unknown Wi-Fi system. In this manner, the telephone stays opened when you are home.

By using all apps we have discussed above you can make you device safe If you have better app to secure your device share it here J

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