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What Type Of Cloud Computing To Choose?

The network of remote computers that have terabytes of data stored on them and hundreds of thousands of applications running from them is called the cloud. To be more precise, the whole virtual data storage space and these huge computers; they are the cloud. The benefits of using cloud services are numerous. First of all, you do not have to spend loads of money on different external and internal hard disk drives. Also, USB memory flash drives also belong to past times now that we have the cloud.

Which cloud computing is best


Secondly, many cloud providers offer an immense number of applications that can be run directly from the cloud, in form of software as a service. By utilizing the cloud-provided apps, you can simply access programs that you need online instead of wasting money on them and downloading them to the storage drives (which you would have to buy). As quite an advanced service, the cloud alleviates everyday obstacles in handling your business in a successful way and it also gives the grounds for fast work and, consequently, higher incomes. But what types of cloud computing are there and which one suits your needs in the best way possible?


Everybody is here – public

Using the services of the public cloud means that you and many other people are using services, software or applications of this kind. The advantages of such a cloud service are as follows: higher scalability, thanks to its size – it is larger than the private cloud; lower cost – thanks to a larger number of people sharing the cloud, the price per one person or business is lower than when you are paying for the whole cloud. Also, some cloud service providers also offer great web hosting services for improving the operability of your business and website(s).

However, there are also disadvantages. Due to the fact that many clients share the same cloud, there is a higher possibility of data theft and hackers’ attacks. Also, the server of the public cloud is placed on the ground of the service providing company and the service-users do not know the premises of the server on which they are leaving their data.

How to choose the best cloud computing


Only you – private cloud

As opposed to the cloud system where anybody who registers or pays for it can use its services, the private cloud system functions in a different way. By going for this sort of the cloud system, you have to pay more money, but the great thing is that you become the owner of the cloud and it lowers the risk of being exposed to various online threats and attacks. You can also give your users (most often company’s employees) to run apps from the server that backs your private cloud. The private cloud with a set of apps is a wonderful choice for larger companies. Large companies are the target audience for such a cloud service. Instead of paying license for hundreds of programs, they simply pay for their own private server which provides them with their own cloud and that way cut the expenses on a yearly level. To make sure that you have control over all the data, it is always a better option to opt for an on-spot private cloud than an externally hosted one.


A group of fellow companies – community

When several businesses make a deal to share a private cloud, it is called a community cloud. It is a handy solution for companies that are not direct rivals. By sharing a private cloud, companies can lower their losses and they can save more money for other purposes. While utilizing the benefits of public clouds, they strengthen their cloud usage with better security, privacy and overall protection of the cloud system. The supervising authority should be a special team of people, with at least one member from each and every company that shares the community cloud.


Several types of cloud computing can be used for making your business cut the expenses and increase productivity.


Dan Radak is a Virtual Private Servers security professional. Currently closely collaborating with couple of a e-commerce companies. Lately he is interested in web  design. In his free time he likes fishing.


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