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To be a guest author here, you must comply with the rules and guideline mentioned below:


  • Original and Unique Content : Your article must be new, unique, interesting, detailed (minimum 600 words) and should be well written in English.
    It should add some value to the blog.
  • Your Guest Post must fall within the scope of with the blog topics like Blogging, Social Media, Technology, WordPress, Computer, Gadgets, Software or Any Other News related to Internet Marketing, Useful Software’s, Web Development and so on.
  • Copyright : We respect everybody work. In the event that we discovered that you have duplicated post from some place. This will prompt moment boycott and evacuation of all your blog entries and remarks from the blog. Likewise submitting post here means, you are providing us the copyright for the post. This helps us to sort out DMCA related issues.
  • You are not permitted to add any sort of links to your guest post for “Self Promotion”. Kindly do linked with outer resources when required for informational purpose.
    Adding unrelated link or affiliate links are strictly not permitted. In such case your post will be discarded.
  •  Use of Comments: Comments are the part of discussion about the post once it get published. Attempt to answer any inquiry identified with your article by means of these comments.
  • Images and Videos : Please incorporate pictures and features whenever required. This will make out your blog entry more appealing and attractive.
  • Article seems to be submitted by SEO professionals who produce articles in mass for link building purpose only will not be considered. We allow articles from people like genuine bloggers who spends their value time to create genuine guest articles. 
  •  If you have a blog, you should provide a proper other bio at the bottom of the article. Your bio should may contain links to your social media profile/blog.
  • Once you submit your article, one of our author will read your entire content. We also perform different value checks to evaluate the uniqueness and freshness of the post. We will also send you an email with the link to the posted article once your post get approved and live.

For any other query you may contact us : contact@pulpybucket.com